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[Shoenail Cook, Bill Stone and Family]

Description: Photograph of the family of Bill Stone, the long-time cook at the Shoenail Ranch. The family is sitting in two rows on rocks on the side of a hill. From the left sits Bill stone and his wife Lee Stone. Next to them on the right hand side sits their daughter, Nellie Mae, holding her youngest son, baby William, and her husband, Hugh Hassell. In the front row sits Nellie Mae and Hugh Hassell's children (from left) Emma Stone, Rose Stone, and Floyd Stone.
Date: 1909

[Cowboys of the OX Ranch]

Description: Photograph of a group of cowboys sitting cross legged on the grass during a meal. There are a few pots scattered around and behind the cowboys on the far right and there is a wagon in the background. Some of the cowboys are holding plates and eating utensils in their laps.
Date: 1898

[Fort Worth & Denver City Roundhouse Built at Childress Shop Yards in 1910]

Description: Photograph of the Forth Worth & Denver City Railroad roundhouse and shop yards in Childress, Texas. This photograph contains two images. The top image is of the roundhouse and the bottom image is of the shop yard. The roundhouse is made of brick and mortar and is surrounded by several train tracks and wheels. The shop yard is full of buildings, structures, and steam engines labeled "Fort Worth & Denver".
Date: unknown

[The "Silver Chief" Texas Zephyr]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Zephyr known as the "Silver Chief". The zephyr is traveling along the Fort Wort & Denver- Burlington Route. There is another set of train tracks in front of the moving zephyr and power lines are present in the top right hand corner of the photograph. The name "Silver Chief" is visible on the side of the zephyr.
Date: unknown