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[Third Courthouse in Childress, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a mother and daughter riding in a buggy that is driven by one horse. In the background is the third courthouse of Childress, Texas. The horizon is barren but there are another building close to the courthouse as well as a long fence.
Date: November 1894
Item Type: Photograph

[Cowboys of the OX Ranch]

Description: Photograph of a group of cowboys sitting cross legged on the grass during a meal. There are a few pots scattered around and behind the cowboys on the far right and there is a wagon in the background. Some of the cowboys are holding plates and eating utensils in their laps.
Date: 1898
Item Type: Photograph

[Shoenail Cook, Bill Stone and Family]

Description: Photograph of the family of Bill Stone, the long-time cook at the Shoenail Ranch. The family is sitting in two rows on rocks on the side of a hill. From the left sits Bill stone and his wife Lee Stone. Next to them on the right hand side sits their daughter, Nellie Mae, holding her youngest son, baby William, and her husband, Hugh Hassell. In the front row sits Nellie Mae and Hugh Hassell's children (from left) Emma Stone, Rose Stone, and Floyd Stone.
Date: 1909
Item Type: Photograph

Patti Jefferies

Description: Photograph of Patti Jefferies. Jefferies is shown holding flowers while standing against a studio background. She is wearing a white dress and hat.
Date: 1914
Creator: Mark Hanna's Studio
Item Type: Photograph

[Volunteer Firemen 1915]

Description: Photograph of volunteer firemen standing in front of the Childress fire station. Some of the men are wearing fireman hats and they are all dressed in suites or in collared shirts with ties. Two horse-drawn wagons are standing behind the line of volunteers. There is a water tower in the background and buildings on both sides of the fire station.
Date: 1915
Item Type: Photograph

Something going on

Description: Photograph of a crowded street. There are three men on top of a building watching an event below them. A large number of people are shown near vehicles crowding the road. There are various stores that surround the area.
Date: 1916
Creator: Stanford Studio
Item Type: Photograph

[Lumber Yard Fire 1917]

Description: Photograph of a lumber yard fire in Childress, Texas. The fire is being put out by firemen as spectators watch from a distance. A large amount of smoke fills the sky. There is an unidentifiable building close to the fire.
Date: January 1917
Creator: Mark Hanna's Studio
Item Type: Photograph

Hargrave Laundry Employees in 1927

Description: Photograph of laundry facility employees. Stacks of white linens are shown in the foreground. Various cleaning machines and the machine operators are shown in the background. People in the photo are: 1. Jim Chiatter; 2. Fats Adkiss; 3. Fay Craig; 4. Dorie Harris; 5. Lucile Stilwell; 6. Marissa Gire; 7. Ella, Carson.
Date: 1927
Item Type: Photograph

[Childress High School Boys Football Team 1930]

Description: Photograph of Childress High School Boys Football Team in 1930. The members are posing in three rows, the back two rows are standing and the front row is sitting. Two men in suits are standing on the right hand side of the photograph. The football players are wearing their team sweaters which displays a large "C". They are standing in front of an unidentifiable brick building.
Date: 1930
Item Type: Photograph

Rigby & McClain General Store, 1933

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Rigby & McClain Store. J.M. Mclain, C.W. Huff & M. Rigby are shown inside of the store with various goods. Store items are shown on the floor, on shelves and in multiple glass cases.
Date: 1933
Item Type: Photograph

Gate City Creamery Fair Exhibit

Description: Photograph of a fair exhibit. There are two men serving ice cream shown with two customers. Ice cream cones and various flavors of ice cream are displayed between the two men.
Date: 1936
Item Type: Photograph