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[Photograph of 1898 Newly weds Gulver, Davis & Tippett couples at courthouse]
Photograph of newly weds. Three newly-married couples are shown in horse-drawn vehicles outside of a courthouse. Left to right: Frank & Eunice Gulver, Russ & Eula Davis, John & Eunice Tippet.
Bricking of the City Streets
Photograph of the bricking of an unknown street in Childress, Texas, in the early 1920's. A sign for the Central Filling Station is visible on the left side of the street. Early automobiles are parked on either side of the street past the area where bricks are being laid by unidentified workers.
Facade of the Monogram, the oldest P-L theater
Photograph of a movie theater. The marquis and movie poster advertise "Winter Carnival" with Ann Sheridan.
CAAF Armed guard for transport of Norden Bombsight
Photograph of an armed guard lifting the Norden Bombsight to a bombardier in the bomber's nose of an AT-11 during World War II.
Old Settlers-No Beard-No Permit-Charlie got all wet!
Photograph of Charles Jones in the house tank at an Old Settlers event in the 1950's. Charlie did not participate in the beard contest and was subsequently thrown into the tank.
Old Settlers Beard Contest - Late 1950's
Photograph of Bob Johnson, left, and Morris Higley, right, showing their beards after participating in a beard contest at an Old Settlers Association event in the 1950's.
[Lumber Yard Fire 1917]
Photograph of a lumber yard fire in Childress, Texas. The fire is being put out by firemen as spectators watch from a distance. A large amount of smoke fills the sky. There is an unidentifiable building close to the fire.
[Volunteer Firemen with Fire Truck]
Photograph of volunteer firemen in front of the Childress fire station. Most of them are nicely dressed and they are all posing on and around a fire truck. There are a couple of trees and an unidentifiable building in the background.
[Finis Earing "Red" Fitzgerald, First Fire Chief of Childress, Texas]
Photograph of Finis Earing "Red" Fitzgerald, the first Fire Chief of Childress, Texas. Chief Fitzgerald is dressed in formal attire for his portrait. He is wearing a three piece suit, a collared shirt, tie, and a hat. His badge is pinned to his vest and is barely visible underneath his jacket. The portrait captures only the Chief's head, shoulders, and the top half of his torso. Chief Fitzgerald is posed looking straight ahead.
Getting ready for Old Settlers Bar-B-Que
Photograph of several men preparing to barbecue at an Old Settlers event in the 1960's.
Helpy Selfy Grocery Store, owned by Rushing Family
Photograph of two men in front of a grocery store. The store window is covered with food advertisements. One of the men is shown in a white apron holding a rod.
Carrie Underwood Pennell Hardin, Old Settlers - 1960's
Photograph of Carrie Underwood Pennell Hardin, center, showing the younger ladies how to model period clothing at an Old Settlers event in the early 1960's at the City Auditorium.
Childress Concert Band, c. 1906
Photograph of the Childress Concert Band seated and standing with their instruments outside of a nondescript building. The band consists of all men; a large bass drum occupies the center of the frame which says "Childress Concert Band."
Czewski Family Wagon Yards and Dairy
Photograph of the Czewski family's wagon yard and dairy. An unidentified young girl in a light-colored dress holds onto a cow as a boy in straw hat holds an infant on the back of the cow. An unidentified man leans against a horse-drawn dairy cart in the background. A building is visible in the far background in the center of the image.
[Third Courthouse in Childress, Texas]
Photograph of a mother and daughter riding in a buggy that is driven by one horse. In the background is the third courthouse of Childress, Texas. The horizon is barren but there are another building close to the courthouse as well as a long fence.
[Second Childress Courthouse Burnt within Less Than One Year]
Photograph of the remains of a courthouse that has been destroyed by a fire. A few men are posing in front of the courthouse on foot and on horses. One man is sitting in a wagon.
[Map of Childress, Texas, 1890]
Map of Childress, Texas in 1890 drawn by T. M. Fowler of Morrisville, PA. The map includes five reference points: "court house," "public school," "Baptist church," "jail," and "rail road station."
[Fink & J.J. Pigett with Saddles]
Photograph of saddles and harnesses. Six men are shown amongst horse-riding supplies.
[Verna Owens' and Annie Jefferies' Parade Entry]
Photograph of Verna Owens and Annie Jefferies during a parade in Childress, Texas. The women are riding in a buggy being pulled by two horses and one of them is holding a parasol. Spectators line the street as the two women pass them by.
[A group of horse-drawn vehicles]
Photograph of a group of horse-drawn vehicles. There are eight people seated inside of four carriages in front of a small wooden structure.
[Purchase of one hundred bales of cotton]
Photograph showing the purchase of one hundred bales of cotton bought by A.M. Cole for Crews-Cole, Cotton Co. There is a large group of gentleman shown with horse-drawn vehicles containing cotton. The group is shown in front of a variety of store fronts on a gravel road.
[J Martin Crews and Annie Lee Jefferies]
Photo of J. Martin Crews & Annie Lee Jefferies seated in a horse drawn carriage in a field behind a barbed wire fence.
T.J. Jefferies Livery Stables on Ave C. NE
Photograph of T.J. Jefferies Livery Stables. Three men and five horses are shown in front of the stable.
Rose Czewski Ellener delivered milk
Photograph of Rose Czewski Ellener. Ellener is shown near a milk delivery truck while a man stands in the background.
[Second Courthouse in Childress, Texas]
Photograph of a multi-story courthouse. There are several people, horses, buggies, and wagons surrounding the courthouse.
[Photograph of the New Bridge at Fair Park]
Photograph of the newly built covered bridge at Fair Park. The photo was made one day before the 2006 tornado which severely damaged Fair Park and destroyed the bridge.
[Carrie Underwood's Playhouse]
Photograph of four men standing in front of a float which was featured in a parade. The float is an elaborate playhouse propped on top of a wagon. The Childress courthouse is visible in the background as well as an American flag. Horse-drawn wagons are also in the background behind the playhouse float.
Childress' First School House
Photograph of a large group of approximately ninety children and fifteen adults standing and sitting in rows in front of a the first Childress School building. The women and girls wear dresses or shirts with skirts, the boys wear button-up shirts and some of the boys and men wear suits, ties, and hats. The building is light-colored with a shingled roof and a bell tower. On the right side of the frame next to the building is a buggy and a horse.
Pigott's Big Day
Photograph of downtown Childress in 1905 showing a group of people standing outside of Pigott's store as a $75.00 harness is given away. Tom Rothwell was the winner of the harness.
Ladies in White Lining Up For the Parade
Two unidentified ladies in white dresses line up for a parade in their horse-drawn carriage. One of the horses has a sign on him which is not legible due to folds. There is another float behind the ladies and a man and two women on horses stand next to their carriage.
[B.P.O.E. (Elks) Members Marching in Parade]
Photograph of Elks Members walking in a parade down a city street in Childress, Texas. Two men in a horse-drawn wagon are leading the line of members who are dressed in matching hats and suits. Spectators line the street and are watching the parade pass them by.
Old Settlers Parade
Old Settlers parade in Childress, Texas. A small float in the shape of a building is being drawn by two horses. One of the horses has a sign on him, but the only legible word is "Childress." Men in light-colored suites follow the leading float and more floats can be seen in the distance down the road. Horse-drawn vehicles and pedestrians line the sides of the streets to view the parade.
AT-11's flying in formation
Photograph of three At-11s flying in formation. The planes are from the Childress Army Air Field in Texas.
CAAF Briefing
Photograph of several unidentified soldiers attending a brief at Childress Army Air Field in Texas. An AT-11 is visible in the background.
Old Settlers 1946
Photograph of several young and old gathered in Fair Park for the 58th Old Settlers Reunion on July 18th, 1946. There are several cars parked behind the settlers beneath some trees.
Palace Theater rebuilt 1937
The Palace Theater was opened in 1937 after a previous theater was destroyed by fire. The theater was opened and operated by Mrs. Mable Phipps, widow of F. M. Phipps, and G. R. Layton, son of the late G. S. Layton.
Saturday morning at The Palace
Photograph of several children standing in line at the Palace Theater on a Saturday morning circa 1950. Posters for "Cariboo Trail" are visible on the front of the theater.
Skip bombing on Lake Childress
Photograph of an AT-11 skip bombing over Lake Childress in Texas.
A.J. Rushing Air Force
Photograph of a member of the Air Force. A.J. Rushing is shown wearing an Air Force uniform with pin attached.
Coffee plants grown by Geo. Holstein, 1938
Photograph of George Holstein. George Holstein is shown tending to his coffee plants inside of his garden. The plants are held up with wood and string and are enclosed with a wooden fence.
[Childress Lions Club]
Photograph of the members of the Childress Lions Club. All of the members are adult men. They are posing in three rows, the two back rows are standing and the front row is sitting cross legged. There is an unidentifiable building in the background.
[Fourth Courthouse in Childress, Texas]
Photograph of the fourth courthouse built in Childress, Texas. This current version of the county courthouse is surrounded by trees and a parking lot filled with parked cars. Large white clouds are scattered throughout the sky.
[Furr Home in Kirkland]
Photograph of the Furr residence in Kirkland, Texas. It is a two story house with a front and back porch. A picket fence surrounds the home.
[The Kirkland Mercantile Co.]
Photograph of the Kirkland Mercantile Co. in Childress, Texas. Seen from it's right hand side, the front and side of the store is visible.
[Cowboys of the OX Ranch]
Photograph of a group of cowboys sitting cross legged on the grass during a meal. There are a few pots scattered around and behind the cowboys on the far right and there is a wagon in the background. Some of the cowboys are holding plates and eating utensils in their laps.
[Crews Ranch Cowboys, Early 1900's]
Photograph of eight cowboys on horseback. They are completely equipped with their ranching gear and posing in front of a heard of cattle.
[The Denver Road Band - Childress]
Photograph of the Denver Road Band of Childress, Texas. The marching band is posing in a semi-circle in front of an unidentifiable building with a sidewalk lined with flowers in the foreground.
[Fire Chief John Ballew with Firemen 1948]
Photograph of Fire Chief John Ballew and his fellow firemen. They are all kneeling in a row in front of three fire trucks. The Chief and his firemen are all wearing matching shirts and ties. The fire station and an unidentifiable building are in the background.
[Volunteer Firemen's Meeting, Early 1950's]
Photograph of volunteer firemen during a meeting. The volunteers are posing on and around a fire truck inside a fire station. The group consists mostly of adult men but there are some young boys in the photograph.
Col. Sam Privitt and his Chuck Wagon Gang - 1950's
Photograph of Col. Sam Privitt and his Chuck Wagon Gang. The men are wearing string bow ties and cowboy hats.