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Handsome brothers & beautiful sisters
Photograph of three children. Two boys and one girl are dressed in 1920's attire in front of a studio background.
Lovely Miss Callie (Tot) Fires
Photograph of Callie (Tot). Callie (Tot) is shown adjusting an assortment of flowers in a vase. There are curtains and a mantle behind the scene.
[Portrait of Mr. Hilliard]
Frontal portrait of Mr. Hilliard who owned a furniture store on Main Street in Childress, Texas, until the mid-1940's. Mr. Hilliard is looking straight into the camera and is wearing a black suit, white collared shirt, and a black tie with white circles on it. He has a mustache.
Picnic at Grosbeck
Photograph of a picnic gathering. An unknown group of people are shown seated under a white tent held up by two vertical posts. The picnic is in front of a wooded area.
E.L. Biggerstaff "The Rambler"
Photograph from The Manitou & Pike's Peak Railway Tour. Four men are shown seated inside of a vehicle on top of rugged terrain.
Photograph of a group of educators. Five educators shown standing on steps in front of an unknown building.
Delightful little unknown girl
Photograph of a young child. An unknown girl is showing standing next to a chair against a studio background.
A.J. Rushing Air Force
Photograph of a member of the Air Force. A.J. Rushing is shown wearing an Air Force uniform with pin attached.
Don Kelly, Golden Krust
Photograph of young Don Kelly. Kelly is shown holding a Golden Krust food package while standing on a small foot stool.
Annie Ruth Crews - 1926 graduation from 8th grade
Photograph of Anne Ruth Crews. Crews is shown in a white dress holding a diploma. The photograph was taken in recognition of her 8th grade graduation.
1890 - Margaret Anne Petty Leslie
Photograph of Margaret Anne Petty. Petty is shown posed against a studio background.
1920's gathering at Childress Courthouse of Confederate veterans.
Photograph of a group of confederate veterans. The men are shown wearing military decoration on the steps of a stone building.
Farmer & Mechanic Bank
Photograph of F. & M. Bank. Two sides of the J.W. Mitchell & Co. clothing store are shown near the bank.
James A. Leslie Grocery Store
Photograph of a group of men inside of a grocery store. There are multiple items both on shelves and in glass cases.
City Grocery-J.T. Sparkman at back S.B. Partain at cash reg
Photograph of a group of men inside of a general store. There are multiple items both on shelves and in glass cases. A child is shown in the middle of the store.
Hanna Dept. Store
Photograph showing a group of people inside of a department store. Three employees are shown behind the counter while two customers and a small child stand near the counter. There are various tapestries and cloths displayed around the scene.
Wheat Combines Norris Impl. early 1900's
Photograph of a group of horse-drawn vehicles and a crowd. The scene is surrounded by various store fronts and a bank.
Marie Loupot
Photograph of young Marie Loupot. The child is shown near a doll and toy stroller.
Patti Jefferies
Photograph of Patti Jefferies. Jefferies is shown holding flowers while standing against a studio background. She is wearing a white dress and hat.
Tom Sollock 1st Barber
Photograph of Tom Sollock, 1st Barber. Sollock is shown wearing a three-piece-suit and bow tie.
Nell & Marg Trimble
Photograph of Nell & Marg Trimble. The Trimbles are shown wearing hats and light-colored dresses against a studio background.
Family of Susie Burleson Slack, Lamar and James Thomas Slack
Family Portrait of the Jim Slack Family Front row: Ruth Slack Richards (H.G.), Suzie Burleson Slack Lamar (H.L.), Anne Bell Slack Perryman (E.C.), Fred Slack, Back row: Carl Slack, Connie Lou Slack, Bessie Howard (Slack) (Married & divorced Monroe Howard), Ruby Slack Reese, Pearl Slack Williams, Ward."
The Oddfellow Quartet
Photograph of the Oddfellow Quartet. Five musicians are shown in front of a radio station banner. One member of the group is shown at the piano while the other group member stand behind a microphone.
Mary Egerston Wilder
Photograph of Mary Egerton Wilder. Wilder is shown seated with hands on a book and a floral tapestry.
Coffee plants grown by Geo. Holstein, 1938
Photograph of George Holstein. George Holstein is shown tending to his coffee plants inside of his garden. The plants are held up with wood and string and are enclosed with a wooden fence.
[Purchase of one hundred bales of cotton]
Photograph showing the purchase of one hundred bales of cotton bought by A.M. Cole for Crews-Cole, Cotton Co. There is a large group of gentleman shown with horse-drawn vehicles containing cotton. The group is shown in front of a variety of store fronts on a gravel road.
Selling Cotton on Main Street, November 27, 1909
Photograph of cotton selling. There are numerous horse-drawn vehicles carrying cotton on Main Street. Stores surround the scene on both sides of Main Street.
Czewski Family Cotton Harvest
Photograph the Czewski family. The Czewski family is shown harvesting cotton in the middle of a cotton field. John Czewski is shown driving the cotton wagon as Charlotte Czewski drives the buckboard. There are two horse-drawn vehicles in the background.
Wheat Harvest
Photograph of a woman driving a tractor used for wheat harvesting. There are other laborers and a dog behind the tractor. The scene is surrounded by a wheat field.
The First Norris Hardware
Photograph of the first Norris Hardware Store. Unknown men are shown standing near the entry of the store surrounded by piles of merchandise.
The Fagg Hotel Childress
Photograph of the Fagg Hotel in Childress. There are men standing in front of the hotel.
First State Bank at Kirkland
Photograph of the interior of the First State Bank. Bank employees, Roy Key and W.C. "Clarence" Harp are shown inside of the bank.
Lon Alexander Drug Store
Photograph of the Lon Alexander Drug Store. Three store employees are shown inside of the store with various items in glass cases.
Looking South on Main Street, mid 1940's
Photograph of a vehicle traveling on Main Street. There is a row of cars lining the street in front of various store fronts.
West Side of Commerce
Photograph of the west side of Commerce street in Childress, Texas. The street is lined with numerous parked automobiles and an unidentified group of people are standing in the center of the frame next to a postal box. The stores on the street with visible signs are (from left to right): City Cafe, Paul Pierce, Stanford Studio, R. Van-Wagner & Co., J. Earl Albright, Morris Tailor Shop and Shine Parlor, U.S. Post Office, Dr. James H. Jernigan X-Ray Diagnosis, Dr. Fred H. Cariker, Jewelry Simmon Deltah Pearls, Simmon Drugs-Soda.
Commerce Street, 1920's
Photograph of a vehicle parked outside of various store fronts. There is a gas station, hotel and cafe in the business area.
Haulin' Freight through town, early 1900's
Photograph of a multi-vehicle caravan. There are a group of vehicles shown with people and different types of cargo passing through Childress. There is a coal and grain business in the background.
Mildred Henderson Navy
Photograph of Mildred Henderson. Henderson is shown wearing a navy uniform.
1950 Childress District Office, Texas Highway Dept - 1st picnic
Photograph of a a Texas Highway Department picnic. A large gathering is shown with a man opening a bottled beverage while a young girl walks to the right , holding a drink.
It's a party at Mrs. J.H.P. Jones' home!
Photograph of a party at Mrs. J.H.P. Jones' home. A large group of women are shown in front of the home.
[Photograph of 1898 Newly weds Gulver, Davis & Tippett couples at courthouse]
Photograph of newly weds. Three newly-married couples are shown in horse-drawn vehicles outside of a courthouse. Left to right: Frank & Eunice Gulver, Russ & Eula Davis, John & Eunice Tippet.
Young Matron's Club Watermelon Feast
The Young Matron's Club arrays itself around a central tree for a watermelon feast at Nannie Kithchens' home in 1934.
Horse-Drawn Fire Wagon
Photograph of a horse-drawn fire wagon pictured in front of a fire which had been put out. There is one man with a firefighter helmet on sitting on the driver's seat with the reins in his hands. Another man in a suit is holding the tack of one of the horses; it is unknown who is who, but the men are Albert Withey and Pollard Bennett. The horses are named Sam and Charlie. A building is visible in the background to the right side of the frame.
Ladies in White Lining Up For the Parade
Two unidentified ladies in white dresses line up for a parade in their horse-drawn carriage. One of the horses has a sign on him which is not legible due to folds. There is another float behind the ladies and a man and two women on horses stand next to their carriage.
Railroad Machinists' Float in 1910 Labor Day Parade
Unidentified railroad machinists stand in front of and on their float for the 1910 Labor Day parade. Their float won second prize. The men and three young children are all wearing white shirts, black pants, and a hat, except for one man to the left of the float who is also wearing a black suit jacket.
Old Settlers Parade
Old Settlers parade in Childress, Texas. A small float in the shape of a building is being drawn by two horses. One of the horses has a sign on him, but the only legible word is "Childress." Men in light-colored suites follow the leading float and more floats can be seen in the distance down the road. Horse-drawn vehicles and pedestrians line the sides of the streets to view the parade.
Panhandle Lodge #238
Photograph of unidentified men who are part of Panhandle Lodge No. 238 B.R.C.A. of Childress, Texas, standing in front of a Fort Worth & Denver railroad car which is their float for a parade. The men are arrayed standing and sitting with crossed legs in front of the car. Two of the men are holding small American flags.
School-aged Childred in Colonial-Era Costumes
Unidentified schoolchildren in colonial-era costumes stand in front of a brick building in an unknown location.
Childress High School Graduating Class of 1914
Photograph of the graduating senior class of Childress High School in 1914. Top row from left to right: Dick Weddington, Patti Jefferies, Anis Campbell, J. D. Gilliam, Edith Sport, Lida Pittman, Irene Baker, Tully Dian. Center row from left to right: Mary Biggerstaff, Bertha Copher, Elizabeth Milner, Lora Curd, Ella Keer, Mary Johnson. Front row from left to right: Hazel Howard, Nell Crews, Abbie Berry, Mary Coffee, Bess Johnson. Written on the negative in the bottom left corner to cause white text on the positive print: "C.H.S. 1914."
Childress' First School House
Photograph of a large group of approximately ninety children and fifteen adults standing and sitting in rows in front of a the first Childress School building. The women and girls wear dresses or shirts with skirts, the boys wear button-up shirts and some of the boys and men wear suits, ties, and hats. The building is light-colored with a shingled roof and a bell tower. On the right side of the frame next to the building is a buggy and a horse.