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Bricking of the City Streets

Description: Photograph of the bricking of an unknown street in Childress, Texas, in the early 1920's. A sign for the Central Filling Station is visible on the left side of the street. Early automobiles are parked on either side of the street past the area where bricks are being laid by unidentified workers.
Date: unknown

[Lumber Yard Fire 1917]

Description: Photograph of a lumber yard fire in Childress, Texas. The fire is being put out by firemen as spectators watch from a distance. A large amount of smoke fills the sky. There is an unidentifiable building close to the fire.
Date: January 1917
Creator: Mark Hanna's Studio

[Finis Earing "Red" Fitzgerald, First Fire Chief of Childress, Texas]

Description: Photograph of Finis Earing "Red" Fitzgerald, the first Fire Chief of Childress, Texas. Chief Fitzgerald is dressed in formal attire for his portrait. He is wearing a three piece suit, a collared shirt, tie, and a hat. His badge is pinned to his vest and is barely visible underneath his jacket. The portrait captures only the Chief's head, shoulders, and the top half of his torso. Chief Fitzgerald is posed looking straight ahead.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bartlett

Czewski Family Wagon Yards and Dairy

Description: Photograph of the Czewski family's wagon yard and dairy. An unidentified young girl in a light-colored dress holds onto a cow as a boy in straw hat holds an infant on the back of the cow. An unidentified man leans against a horse-drawn dairy cart in the background. A building is visible in the far background in the center of the image.
Date: unknown

[Carrie Underwood's Playhouse]

Description: Photograph of four men standing in front of a float which was featured in a parade. The float is an elaborate playhouse propped on top of a wagon. The Childress courthouse is visible in the background as well as an American flag. Horse-drawn wagons are also in the background behind the playhouse float.
Date: unknown

Old Settlers Parade

Description: Old Settlers parade in Childress, Texas. A small float in the shape of a building is being drawn by two horses. One of the horses has a sign on him, but the only legible word is "Childress." Men in light-colored suites follow the leading float and more floats can be seen in the distance down the road. Horse-drawn vehicles and pedestrians line the sides of the streets to view the parade.
Date: unknown

[Childress Lions Club]

Description: Photograph of the members of the Childress Lions Club. All of the members are adult men. They are posing in three rows, the two back rows are standing and the front row is sitting cross legged. There is an unidentifiable building in the background.
Date: unknown