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[Portrait of Mr. Hilliard]

Description: Frontal portrait of Mr. Hilliard who owned a furniture store on Main Street in Childress, Texas, until the mid-1940's. Mr. Hilliard is looking straight into the camera and is wearing a black suit, white collared shirt, and a black tie with white circles on it. He has a mustache.
Date: unknown

Czewski Family Cotton Harvest

Description: Photograph the Czewski family. The Czewski family is shown harvesting cotton in the middle of a cotton field. John Czewski is shown driving the cotton wagon as Charlotte Czewski drives the buckboard. There are two horse-drawn vehicles in the background.
Date: unknown

Wheat Harvest

Description: Photograph of a woman driving a tractor used for wheat harvesting. There are other laborers and a dog behind the tractor. The scene is surrounded by a wheat field.
Date: unknown
Creator: Samarjian Studio

Horse-Drawn Fire Wagon

Description: Photograph of a horse-drawn fire wagon pictured in front of a fire which had been put out. There is one man with a firefighter helmet on sitting on the driver's seat with the reins in his hands. Another man in a suit is holding the tack of one of the horses; it is unknown who is who, but the men are Albert Withey and Pollard Bennett. The horses are named Sam and Charlie. A building is visible in the background to the right side of the frame.
Date: unknown

Childress High School Graduating Class of 1914

Description: Photograph of the graduating senior class of Childress High School in 1914. Top row from left to right: Dick Weddington, Patti Jefferies, Anis Campbell, J. D. Gilliam, Edith Sport, Lida Pittman, Irene Baker, Tully Dian. Center row from left to right: Mary Biggerstaff, Bertha Copher, Elizabeth Milner, Lora Curd, Ella Keer, Mary Johnson. Front row from left to right: Hazel Howard, Nell Crews, Abbie Berry, Mary Coffee, Bess Johnson. Written on the negative in the bottom left corner to cause white text on the positive print: "C.H.S. 1914."
Date: unknown
Creator: Hanna, Mark

Childress' First School House

Description: Photograph of a large group of approximately ninety children and fifteen adults standing and sitting in rows in front of a the first Childress School building. The women and girls wear dresses or shirts with skirts, the boys wear button-up shirts and some of the boys and men wear suits, ties, and hats. The building is light-colored with a shingled roof and a bell tower. On the right side of the frame next to the building is a buggy and a horse.
Date: unknown