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Ribbon Cutting of the First Childress County Heritage Museum

Description: Janet Norris (Mrs. E. E. Smith) cuts a red ribbon as Mayor Glen Buckley and County Judge Harper Knight hold the ribbon taut for her at the ribbon cutting and opening of the Childress County Heritage Museum in 1976. The ribbon cutting and opening of the CCHM happened in conjunction with the county's bi-centennial celebration. The museum's new home was in a refurbished jail on the courthouse square.
Date: unknown

Judge A. J. Fires

Description: Framed portrait of Judge A. J. Fires looking towards the camera in a dark suit with white collared shirt and a polka-dot bow tie. His right hand is sitting on an open book and holding his eye glasses. Fires arrived in Childress in a snow storm on November 10, 1886, and was active in the organization of the county seat. He was elected county judge and later district judge. The flag at the Childress post office was lowered to half staff at the time of his death at age 81.
Date: unknown

Gene Autry in Childress, Texas

Description: Photograph of a smiling Gene Autry dressed in a button-up shirt, cowboy hat and cowboy boots with a baseball glove on his hand behind his back. We see his left profile. Behind him is a large building with a large screened window on the right side of the frame, a screened door behind Mr. Autry, and three electricity gauge boxes. There is grass and weeds in front of the building.
Date: unknown

Childress High School Graduating Class of 1914

Description: Photograph of the graduating senior class of Childress High School in 1914. Top row from left to right: Dick Weddington, Patti Jefferies, Anis Campbell, J. D. Gilliam, Edith Sport, Lida Pittman, Irene Baker, Tully Dian. Center row from left to right: Mary Biggerstaff, Bertha Copher, Elizabeth Milner, Lora Curd, Ella Keer, Mary Johnson. Front row from left to right: Hazel Howard, Nell Crews, Abbie Berry, Mary Coffee, Bess Johnson. Written on the negative in the bottom left corner to cause white text on the positive print: "C.H.S. 1914."
Date: unknown
Creator: Hanna, Mark

[Fair Park Rotary Bowl 1950's]

Description: Photograph of a picnic area in Childress' Fair Park known as the "Rotary Bowl". It is a circular arrangement of stationary tables and benches. The Rotary Bowl is surrounded by tall trees and there is a line of parked cars on the street behind the Rotary Bowl.
Date: unknown

Mable Phipps

Description: Studio photograph of Mrs. Mable Phipps. She is wearing an embroidered dress with a print that looks like snowflakes. There is a sash around her waist. The top of the dress has lace and several dark ribbons across the bust. The under part of her dress is a turtleneck. She also wears a large white hat with white tulle around it. She is against a dark background.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Mr. Hilliard]

Description: Frontal portrait of Mr. Hilliard who owned a furniture store on Main Street in Childress, Texas, until the mid-1940's. Mr. Hilliard is looking straight into the camera and is wearing a black suit, white collared shirt, and a black tie with white circles on it. He has a mustache.
Date: unknown

B.T. Williams Stone Home

Description: Photograph of the B.T. Williams homestead. The stone house is 1 story with broken windows in the front. There is tall grass that is growing around the house. Pieces of wood are detached from the structure. B.T. Williams is believed to have helped develop the first cotton gin in Childress County.
Date: unknown