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The Oddfellow Quartet

Description: Photograph of the Oddfellow Quartet. Five musicians are shown in front of a radio station banner. One member of the group is shown at the piano while the other group member stand behind a microphone.
Date: unknown
Creator: Webb Photo

Czewski Family Cotton Harvest

Description: Photograph the Czewski family. The Czewski family is shown harvesting cotton in the middle of a cotton field. John Czewski is shown driving the cotton wagon as Charlotte Czewski drives the buckboard. There are two horse-drawn vehicles in the background.
Date: unknown

Wheat Harvest

Description: Photograph of a woman driving a tractor used for wheat harvesting. There are other laborers and a dog behind the tractor. The scene is surrounded by a wheat field.
Date: unknown
Creator: Samarjian Studio

West Side of Commerce

Description: Photograph of the west side of Commerce street in Childress, Texas. The street is lined with numerous parked automobiles and an unidentified group of people are standing in the center of the frame next to a postal box. The stores on the street with visible signs are (from left to right): City Cafe, Paul Pierce, Stanford Studio, R. Van-Wagner & Co., J. Earl Albright, Morris Tailor Shop and Shine Parlor, U.S. Post Office, Dr. James H. Jernigan X-Ray Diagnosis, Dr. Fred H. Cariker, Jewelry Simmon Deltah Pearls, Simmon Drugs-Soda.
Date: unknown

Horse-Drawn Fire Wagon

Description: Photograph of a horse-drawn fire wagon pictured in front of a fire which had been put out. There is one man with a firefighter helmet on sitting on the driver's seat with the reins in his hands. Another man in a suit is holding the tack of one of the horses; it is unknown who is who, but the men are Albert Withey and Pollard Bennett. The horses are named Sam and Charlie. A building is visible in the background to the right side of the frame.
Date: unknown