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[C.W. Furr Mercantile]

Description: Photograph of the C.W. Furr Mercantile. There is a wide array of merchandise around the store. There is a woman behind the counter and another woman and three men on the other side of the counter. One man is sitting on a stool and the rest are standing.
Date: unknown

Kirkland Lumber Company

Description: Photograph of the Kirkland Lumber Co. owned by Jim M. Wilder. Three unidentified men sit on the front porch of the building in the center of the frame. Long warehouses stand to either side of the building in the center and another lumber yard is visible in the background behind a low wooden fence. Written in pencil along the bottom margin of the photograph: "Kirkland Lbr Co. Kirkland Texas Aug - 1 - 1908.
Date: unknown

[Ranchouse Motel]

Description: Photograph of the Ranchouse Motel in Childress, Texas. There is a large sign for the motel on the left hand side and electrical poles and wires in the background. The two way street the motel is on is in the foreground.
Date: unknown
Creator: Webb Studio

[Members of United Daughters of the Confederacy]

Description: Photograph of the members of the United Daughters of Confederacy after a theatrical skit. The women are wearing matching dresses, Union solider hats, and they are holding brooms as rifles. They are posing in two rows, the back row is standing and the front row is kneeling. There is a scenic backdrop behind them that was used for their skit.
Date: unknown

[Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Elliot]

Description: Photograph of L.C. Elliot and his wife. They are posing on opposite sides of boxes that are stacked on top of one another. The boxes are labeled "Russell Stover Candies". They are standing in front of a building that is known as the "Rock Building".
Date: unknown

Childress High School Graduating Class of 1914

Description: Photograph of the graduating senior class of Childress High School in 1914. Top row from left to right: Dick Weddington, Patti Jefferies, Anis Campbell, J. D. Gilliam, Edith Sport, Lida Pittman, Irene Baker, Tully Dian. Center row from left to right: Mary Biggerstaff, Bertha Copher, Elizabeth Milner, Lora Curd, Ella Keer, Mary Johnson. Front row from left to right: Hazel Howard, Nell Crews, Abbie Berry, Mary Coffee, Bess Johnson. Written on the negative in the bottom left corner to cause white text on the positive print: "C.H.S. 1914."
Date: unknown
Creator: Hanna, Mark

Old Methodist Church

Description: Photograph of the old methodist church in Childress, Texas built by "Grandpa Adkisson" in 1908. The old U. S. Post Office was built in 1935 where the church once stood and the post office building now houses the Childress County Heritage Museum.
Date: unknown

Panhandle Lodge #238

Description: Photograph of unidentified men who are part of Panhandle Lodge No. 238 B.R.C.A. of Childress, Texas, standing in front of a Fort Worth & Denver railroad car which is their float for a parade. The men are arrayed standing and sitting with crossed legs in front of the car. Two of the men are holding small American flags.
Date: unknown

[Fair Park Rotary Bowl 1950's]

Description: Photograph of a picnic area in Childress' Fair Park known as the "Rotary Bowl". It is a circular arrangement of stationary tables and benches. The Rotary Bowl is surrounded by tall trees and there is a line of parked cars on the street behind the Rotary Bowl.
Date: unknown

Unidentified Social Scene

Description: An unidentified group of young women stand for a frontal portrait wearing long dresses. There are two unidentified men standing in the back of the group wearing tuxedos. Emma Grigsby is identified as the woman on the far left of the image.
Date: unknown