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1962 Van Horn Homecoming Court

Description: Photograph of four young women wearing formal dresses and one young man wearing football uniform. Photograph of 1962 Football Sweetheart and Homecoming Court, Risetta O'Nan, Pat Eglin, Ann Weston, Dawn Mitchell, with Chilo Escajeda wearing football uniform, Van Horn, TX
Date: 1962

Allamore School 1923

Description: Photograph of school children, teacher and school building. Photograph of Allamoore School, near Van Horn, TX, 1923. Mrs.Carol Smith, teacher.
Date: unknown

Barbecue at Old Settler's Reunion 1919

Description: Photograph of public gathering. Photograph of Van Horn, TX. Old Settler's Reunion, August 28, 1919. Photograph taken from Old Courthouse looking north.
Date: August 28, 1919

Baseball Game 1914

Description: Photograph of baseball game. Photograph of baseball game in Van Horn, TX with Turtleback and Six Mile mountains in background, August 27, 1914
Date: August 27, 1914

Beach Mercantile

Description: Photograph of store with seven people on porch. Photograph of the Beach Mercantile store in Van Horn, TX
Date: 1898~

Beach Mercantile Co., c. 1898

Description: Photograph of store with seven people on porch. Photograph of Beach Mercantile Co, with seven unidentified people on porch, Van Horn, TX c. 1898
Date: 1898~

Becky Lomax

Description: School photograph of girl. School photograph of Becky Lomax from Van Horn School, Van Horn,TX
Date: unknown

Burt McCasland

Description: Photograph of man. Photograph of Burt McCasland, a junior high school teacher in Van Horn, TX, 1958-69. Caption : "58-59, Van Horn Jr. High"
Date: unknown

Clark Family

Description: Photograph of family in front of hotel. Photograph of the Clark Family of Van Horn Texas, in front of the Clark Hotel. Front row-Mary Beth Clark, Mabel Clark, Margaret Clark. Back row-Fred Clark, Fred Clark, Jr.
Date: unknown

[Clark Hotel Museum]

Description: Photograph of a building. Photograph of the Historic Clark Hotel as the Culberson County Historical Museum. Photograph of the Clark Hotel Museum.
Date: 1987~

Class of 1960 20 Year Reunion

Description: Photograph of alumni. Photograph of the Class of 1960 Twentieth Reunion in 1980, Van Horn, TX. Front row- Kathyrn Beasley (Foley), Barbara Vick (Munn), Linda Stapleton (Mitchell), Minnie ? (Henderson), Mary Carolyn Hurd (Carpenter), Back row- Robert Beasley, Johnny Taylor, Russell Long, Charles Guest, Charlie Bob Lomax
Date: 1980

Coach Browning and Hock Haynes

Description: Photograph of two men with gavel in front of Lions Club banner. Photograph of Coach Browning and Hock Haynes, with gavel, in front of Lion's Club banner, in Van Horn, TX
Date: unknown

Commercial Hotel

Description: Photograph of building. Photograph of the Commercial Hotel, Van Horn, TX. Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1933.
Date: unknown

Doris Jean New

Description: Photograph of young woman wearing glasses. Photograph of Doris Jean New, a young woman of Van Horn, TX, 1959. Caption: "58-59 Van Horn High"
Date: 1959

Douglas Taylor

Description: Photograph of man. Photograph of Douglas Taylor, Van Horn, TX
Date: unknown

Elementary Class, 1959-1960

Description: Photograph of elementary class. Photograph of elementary class,1959-60, Van Horn, TX. Front row: Jay Vincent, two unidentified boys, Emilio Rodriquez, middle row: Vickie Farmer, Sherri Gilbert, Darice McVay, Lorena Rivera, Sandra Hill, Richard Carrillo, back row: Sara Bounds, Rita Long, Susan Meeks, Alberta Echols, Gay Murrell
Date: [1959..1960]

Eliot Millican and unidentified man at early Van Horn depot

Description: Photograph of two men on porch of depot. Photograph of an early Van Horn Depot, with Eliot Millican and unidentified man on porch. The man might be Robert F. Breedlove. Sign on porch reads, "Western Union Telegraph and Cable Office."
Date: May 2006

Flood of 1913

Description: Photograph of flood. Photograph of flood in Van Horn, TX, September 4, 1913
Date: September 4, 1913

Four High School Girls

Description: Photograph of four young women in front of school. Photograph of four young women of Van Horn,TX in front of Van Horn High School, Cindy Golman, Mary Thomson, Mariland Landers, Kathy Smith.
Date: unknown