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1903 Train Derailment

Description: Photograph of train derailment. Photograph of train derailment in Van Horn, TX, 1903.
Date: 1903

1935-36 Van Horn Basketball Team, District Champs

Description: Photograph of coaches and basketball team. Photograph of the Van Horn Basketball Team, 1935-36. District Champions. Front Row-Bob Hurt, Roy Johnson, D.L. Moore, James Mayfield; Second Row-Horace Oiver (Superintendent), Baylus Wagnon, Bart Knight, Dutch Walters, Ben Medley, Raymond Wheat (Assistant Coach), Back-Jimmy Terrell (coach)
Date: 1935~/1936~

1962 Van Horn Homecoming Court

Description: Photograph of four young women wearing formal dresses and one young man wearing football uniform. Photograph of 1962 Football Sweetheart and Homecoming Court, Risetta O'Nan, Pat Eglin, Ann Weston, Dawn Mitchell, with Chilo Escajeda wearing football uniform, Van Horn, TX
Date: 1962

1963 Easter Sunday Presbyterian children

Description: Photograph of children. Photograph of eight children from the Van Horn Presbyterian Church of Van Horn, TX on Easter Sunday, April 14, 1963. Front row-Biff Bell, ? Wychel, Ann Sourmore, Mildred Noron. Back row-Betty McMorris, ? McMorris, Barbara Noron, Kim Bell.
Date: April 14, 1963

20th Century Club members

Description: Photograph of group on porch. Photograph of the 20th Century Club of Van Horn,TX on the porch of Jim Beam home on 4th Street in Van Horn), front row: Lucita Hernandez, Joe Ben Wheat, Bettye Weaver, back row: Euraline Naron, Alta Lively, Neva Frances Harrell, Imogene Dixon, Emily Thompson, Anna Lee Harris.
Date: unknown

T. A. Parker

Description: Photo of a man in a hat and glasses. Photograph of T. A. Parker, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1948

Alicia Garcia

Description: Photograph of young woman. Photograph of Alicia Garcia, a young woman of Van Horn, TX
Date: unknown

Alicia Herrera

Description: Photograph of young woman. Photograph of Alicia Herrera, a young woman of Van Horn,TX
Date: unknown

Allamore School 1923

Description: Photograph of school children, teacher and school building. Photograph of Allamoore School, near Van Horn, TX, 1923. Mrs.Carol Smith, teacher.
Date: unknown

Allison Yates

Description: Photograph of a man with a hat and glasses. Photograph of Allison Yates, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1962

Alma and Freda Gibson

Description: Photograph of woman and child. Photograph of Alma Gibson and her daughter Freda, of Van Horn, TX. 1908-1909.
Date: 1908~/1909~

Alma Gibson

Description: Photograph of a woman. Photograph of Alma Gibson, a woman of Van Horn, TX and member of the Order of the Eastern Star
Date: unknown

Andy Brune

Description: Photograph of young man. Photograph of Andy Brune, in Van Horn, Texas, 1971
Date: 1971

Ann Fulfer

Description: Photograph of young woman wearing cap and gown. Photograph of Ann Fulfer of Van Horn, TX, in 1960, wearing graduation cap and gown.
Date: 1960

Annie Lee and James Campbell

Description: Photograph of young man in military uniform and young woman standing in front of automobile. Photograph of James Campbell wearing military uniform, and Annie Lee of Van Horn, TX standing in front of automobile, 1945
Date: 1945

Annie R. Tanner

Description: Photograph of woman. Photograph of Annie R. Tanner, English Literature, Grammar, and Latin Teacher in Van Horn,TX
Date: unknown

[Athletic Team 1937]

Description: Photograph of eleven young men, eight dressed in athletic costumes. Photograph of athletic team of Van Horn, TX including front row-Bobby Hurt, Roy Johnson, D.C. Moore, James Mayfield, and back row-Horace Oliver, Baylas Wagnow, Barton Knight, Jimmy Terrell, Unidentified, Ben Medley, Raymond Wheat.
Date: 1937

Barbara Pudgy Munn Vick

Description: Graduation photograph of young woman. Graduation photograph of Barbara (Pudgy) Munn Vick, a young woman of Van Horn, TX
Date: unknown

Barbecue at Old Settler's Reunion 1919

Description: Photograph of public gathering. Photograph of Van Horn, TX. Old Settler's Reunion, August 28, 1919. Photograph taken from Old Courthouse looking north.
Date: August 28, 1919


Description: Photograph of barber and patrons on barbershop. Photograph of B. Duncan (barber) and Tom Niell (in barber chair), Elton Silliman, and Frank Sowell in Van Horn Barber Shop when B. Duncan owned it.
Date: unknown