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Barbecue at Old Settler's Reunion 1919
Photograph of public gathering. Photograph of Van Horn, TX. Old Settler's Reunion, August 28, 1919. Photograph taken from Old Courthouse looking north.
Baseball Game 1914
Photograph of baseball game. Photograph of baseball game in Van Horn, TX with Turtleback and Six Mile mountains in background, August 27, 1914
First Bank in Van Horn (interior)
Photograph of two people inside bank. Photograph of janitor Silvario Herrara and cashier E.R. Silliman in the interior of the first bank in Van Horn, TX, built in 1909.
Flood of 1913
Photograph of flood. Photograph of flood in Van Horn, TX, September 4, 1913
Fred Gibson and James Hanibal Beach
A photograph of two men with two antelope from hunt. A photograph of two men from Van Horn, Texas, Fred Gibson and James Hanibal Beach, with two antelope killed in hunt, c. 1912
Harriett Duncan
Photograph of girl in coat. Photograph of Harriet Duncan, wearing hat and coat, in front of house, in Van Horn, TX 1912.
Harriett Duncan and Florence Malone
Photograph of two young women. Photograph of Harriett Duncan (left) and Florence Malone, of Van Horn,TX 1913
James E. Bean
Photograph of man. Photograph of James E. Bean, a man from Van Horn, TX, c. 1913.
Jessie Roberts and Alma Gibson
Photograph of two women with rifles and horses. Photograph of Jessie Roberts and Alma Gibson, of Van Horn,TX standing by horses holding rifles and wearing riding/hunting attire.
Jim and Clara Bean
Photograph of couple and horse-drawn carriage. Photograph of Jim and Clara Bean with horse-drawn carriage, possibly on their wedding day in 1914.
Jim Bean
Photograph of man. Photo of Jim Bean, Van Horn, TX
Jim Bean ranch, 1918
Photograph of ranch land with windmill and fence. Photograph of Jim Bean's Van Horn, TX ranch land with windmill and fence, 1918.
[Jim Bean Ranch, 1918]
Photograph of cattle on mountainous ranch land. Photograph of cattle in front of mountains on Jim Bean's Van Horn, TX ranch, 1918
Jim Bean Ranch House 1918
Photograph of ranch buildings. Photograph of two ranch buildings on Jim Bean's Ranch of Van Horn, Tx 1918.
John Morine with mountain lion
Photograph of man with dead mountain lion. Photograph of John Morine and dead mountain lion, of Van Horn, TX, no later than 1915.
John R. Whitten, Saloon Keeper
Photograph of man wearing suit, tie and vest. Photograph of man, John R. Whitten, saloon keeper of Van Horn, TX, c. 1910
Ladies in Bonnets with Guy Garren
Photograph of four ladies with large bonnets and one man. Photograph of Pauline Stephens, Beulah Durrill, Florence Malone, and Phyllis Stevens wearing white dresses and large hats with Guy Garren of Van Horn, TX
Laura Hall
Photograph of a woman. Photograph of Laura Hall, a woman of Van Horn, TX and member of the Order of the Easter Star
Marker of first highway to Carlsbad
Photograph of stone and cement road marker. Photograph of pyramid-shaped stone and cement road marker, located at the north east of the old Toolen Courts in Van Horn, TX marking the start of the highway to Carlsbad, 1915-16.
Mary Daugherty
Photograph of a woman. Photograph of a woman, Mary Daugherty, of Van Horn, TX and member of the Order of the Eastern Star.
Mr. and Mrs. Ponciano Villalobos
Photograph of couple outside adobe building. Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Ponciano Villalovoz (Villalobos), April 8, 1912, in Van Horn, TX. Dedication at the back of photo reads," Dedico Este Retrato a, Mi Querida Mama, Pas Chacon En, Pruevas de amory y, Respecto. que le Tengo. Ponciano Villalovoz, Van Horn, Texas, April 8, de 1912"
Mr. and Mrs. Ponciano Villalobos, Sr. Wedding Party
Photograph of four people in wedding party. Photograph of Mrs. and Mrs. Ponciano Villalobos, Sr., and two unidentified members of wedding party, of Van Horn, TX. 1991.
Mrs. and Mrs. Ed Ray
Photograph of couple. Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ray of Van Horn, TX. 1014
Old Settler's Day, 1919
Photograph of parade on street. Photograph of military band, automobiles and spectators at parade by train station at Van Horn, Texas' Old Settler's Day, August 28, 1919. Image labeled "The Band, Van Horn, Tex., Aug-28-1919.
Old Settler's Day, 1919
Photograph of people, horses, and automobiles in front of train station. Photograph of Van Horn, Texas' Old Settler's Day 1919 people, horses, and automobiles in front of train station, with caption, "Waiting for Gov. Hobby, Van Horn, Tex., Aug-28-1919"
Old Settler's Day, 1919
Photograph of people, horses, and automobiles in front of train station. Photograph of Van Horn Texas' 1919 Old Settler's Day. People, horses and automobiles taken on August 28, 1919
Old Settler's Reunion, 1919
Photograph of parade. Photograph of Old Settler's Reunion, Van Horn, TX, August 28, 1919
[T&P Section House in Van Horn During the 1913 Flood]
Photograph of a railroad section house during the flood of 1913. This photo shows the T&P Section House in Van Horn, Texas and was taken September 4, 1913.
[Photograph of Jim Bean Ranch]
Photograph of cowboy and cattle in front of mountains on Jim Bean's Van Horn, Texas ranch.
Presbyterian Church with Presbyterian and Baptist Congregations
Photograph of people in front of church building. Photograph of the Van Horn Presbyterian Church, Van Horn, Tx with the congregations of the Presbyterian and Baptist churches standing in front.
R.P. Bean Ranch
Photograph of ranch and ranch workers. Photograph of R.P. Bean Ranch with four cowboys and three horses, near Van Horn, TX.
Van Horn School, 1912 or 1913
Photograph of school with students and teachers in front. Photograph of Van Horn, TX school c.1912-13, Back row- unidentified girl, unidentified girl, Eena Carter, Mr. Hicks (teacher), Ernest Taylor, John Rowe, Wallace Durrill, Max Mitchell. Second row-Myrle King, Horace Bounds, Daisy Row, Chandler Prude, George Geaslin, Aubrey Taylor, boy unknown, Onis Feeley, Jay Malone, boy unknown, Miss Allie Whittenberg (teacher), Lewis Bounds, Rosa Lee Wylie, Miss Emma Wade (teacher), Amye Duncan. Standing on step are AutiCox and Bennie Durrill. Next row: boy unknown, Cecil Geaslin, Adrian Cox, Lewis Stephens, Eula Feeley. Front row, standing: Lorene Sanch, Edwena Wylie, Addie Burks, girl unknown, Eva Rowe, Pauline Stephens, Maggie Johnson, Lorena Carter,Malone Geaslin, Beulah Durrill, Myrle Ernest, Vera Webb, Addie Cox, Mabel Duncan, unknown, Lallie Blythe. Seated: Raymond Beach, unknown, Gaston Watson, Myrle Morris, unknown, Robert Breeding, Joe Cox, Hawthorne Wylie, Virgie Beach, Tom Hollenbeke, Aubry Taylor, Ed Hollebeke, Gus Geaslin, and boy unknown.
Vida McAdoo and Alma Gibson
Photograph of two young women on horseback. Photograph of Vida McAdoo and Alma Gibson on horseback in Van Horn, TX in 1913.