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Elementary Class, 1959-1960

Description: Photograph of elementary class. Photograph of elementary class,1959-60, Van Horn, TX. Front row: Jay Vincent, two unidentified boys, Emilio Rodriquez, middle row: Vickie Farmer, Sherri Gilbert, Darice McVay, Lorena Rivera, Sandra Hill, Richard Carrillo, back row: Sara Bounds, Rita Long, Susan Meeks, Alberta Echols, Gay Murrell
Date: [1959..1960]

Senior Play 1959

Description: Photograph of school play production. Photograph of Senior Play, 1959, Van Horn, TX including standing: Barbara (Pudgy) Munn, Janie Chandler, Katherine Foley, Judy Bell, Craig Thrift, Camilla Mitchel, Jimmie Bob Alexander, seated: Mary Caroline Carpenter, Duncan Lee Terry, Charlie Bob Lomax
Date: 1959