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Ric Britton

Description: Photograph of a man. This is a photograph of Ric Britton, a Mason in Van Horn, TX
Date: 1989
Item Type: Photograph

Curtis Rutledge

Description: Photograph of a man in a hat and glasses. Photograph of Curtis Rutledge, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1984
Item Type: Photograph

Ray Shotwell

Description: photograph of a man with glasses. Photograph of Ray Shotwell, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1982
Item Type: Photograph

Larry Miller

Description: Photograph of a man with a mustache. Photograph of Larry Miller, a Mason in Van Horn, TX
Date: 1980
Item Type: Photograph

Wendell Long

Description: Photograph of a man in a straw hat. Photograph of Wendell Long, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1983
Item Type: Photograph

Class of 1960 20 Year Reunion

Description: Photograph of alumni. Photograph of the Class of 1960 Twentieth Reunion in 1980, Van Horn, TX. Front row- Kathyrn Beasley (Foley), Barbara Vick (Munn), Linda Stapleton (Mitchell), Minnie ? (Henderson), Mary Carolyn Hurd (Carpenter), Back row- Robert Beasley, Johnny Taylor, Russell Long, Charles Guest, Charlie Bob Lomax
Date: 1980
Item Type: Photograph

Seven Van Horn leaders at Sesquicentennial Capsule Ceremony

Description: Photograph of seven adults. Photograph of Van Horn, TX citizens at Sesquicentennial Capsule Burial at Courthouse lawn, January 1987. Back row: Lewis Rogers, School Superintendent, Judge John Conoly, Hospital Administrator Ed Norris. Front row: Mayor Okey Lucas, Comm. Ch. Noble Smith, Capsule Ch. Ray Shotwell, Comm.Co-Ch. Edward Billingsley, President, V.H. Bank
Date: January 1987
Item Type: Photograph

Garden Club Officials, 1985

Description: Photograph of five women. Photograph of Garden Club officials of Van Horn, TX. 1985. Louisa Rutledge, Joyce Ewald, Esther Clinton, Ruth Binkley, and Noble Smith.
Date: 1985
Item Type: Photograph

[Clark Hotel Museum]

Description: Photograph of a building. Photograph of the Historic Clark Hotel as the Culberson County Historical Museum. Photograph of the Clark Hotel Museum.
Date: 1987~
Item Type: Photograph