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R.F. Breedlove

Description: Photograph of man. Photograph of Robert or R. F. Breedlove, a Mason in Van Horn Texas. Mr. Breedlove was the brother of Curtis Leeila Breedlove Rowe.
Date: 1937
Item Type: Photograph

Stewart Wooten

Description: Photograph of a man with a military collar. Photograph of Stewart Wooten, a mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1932
Item Type: Photograph

J. E. Chinn

Description: Photograph of a young man. Photograph of J. E. Chinn, a Mason in Van Horn, TX
Date: 1938
Item Type: Photograph

J. D. Neill

Description: Photograph of a man with glasses. Photograph of J. D. Neill, a Mason In Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1933
Item Type: Photograph

J. W. Downing

Description: Photograph of a man with a mustache. Photograph of J. W. Downing, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1931
Item Type: Photograph

A. J. Adcock

Description: Photograph of a man standing in front of a bush. This is a photograph of A. J. Adcock a mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1936
Item Type: Photograph

Group at the door of the El Capitan Hotel

Description: Photograph of 18 men by door of hotel. Photograph of 18 men in front of door of the El Capitan Hotel in Van Horn, TX, 1939, including front row: Jimmy Terrell, Ed Dixon, Milton Eglin, Jack Chinn, J.Wylie Holmes, center row: Reed Smith, RE McBride, Julius Sadowsky, J.T. Heath, Jack Price, Joe T. Provine, Back row: A.J. Adcock, F.D. Harrell, L.D. Field, Paul McWhorter, Jim McBride, Burch Carson, Ernest Taylor
Date: 1939
Item Type: Photograph

[Athletic Team 1937]

Description: Photograph of eleven young men, eight dressed in athletic costumes. Photograph of athletic team of Van Horn, TX including front row-Bobby Hurt, Roy Johnson, D.C. Moore, James Mayfield, and back row-Horace Oliver, Baylas Wagnow, Barton Knight, Jimmy Terrell, Unidentified, Ben Medley, Raymond Wheat.
Date: 1937
Item Type: Photograph

Group photo of young people, c. 1936

Description: Photograph of seven young people. Photograph of young people in Van Horn,Tx, including Jimmy Terrell, Baylus Wagnor, Barton Knight, Bob Hurt, Arlene Wallace (Hart), Peggy Provine, Wilma Ray Strickland (Mrs. Raymond Wheat)
Date: 1936~
Item Type: Photograph

Jim and Laura Bean

Description: Photograph of man and girl standing in front of store. Photograph of Jim and Laura Bean standing in front of Audrey's Beauty Shop, possibly the United Building, in Van Horn, TX
Date: 1934~
Item Type: Photograph

Laura Harriett Dameron

Description: Photograph of woman in wedding dress. Photograph of Laura Harriett Dameron Toolen, in wedding dress and veil, of Van Horn, TX. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Toolen, and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Hall.
Date: 1935~
Item Type: Photograph

Opal Garner

Description: Photograph of a woman. Photograph of a woman, Opal Garner, of Van Horn TX, wife of Carl Garner, and member of the Order of the Eastern Star.
Date: [1930..1939]
Item Type: Photograph

Van Horn children, 1939

Description: Photograph of seven children. Photograph of seven children of Van Horn, TX, including Johnny Harper, Charlene Walker, Wayne Hurt, and Joann Walker. c. 1939
Date: 1939~
Item Type: Photograph

Four Van Horn children c.1937

Description: Photograph of four children. Photograph of four children, from Van Horn,TX including Gloria Wright, Wayne Hurt, Joann Walker, and unidentified boy.
Date: 1937~
Item Type: Photograph

1935-36 Van Horn Basketball Team, District Champs

Description: Photograph of coaches and basketball team. Photograph of the Van Horn Basketball Team, 1935-36. District Champions. Front Row-Bob Hurt, Roy Johnson, D.L. Moore, James Mayfield; Second Row-Horace Oiver (Superintendent), Baylus Wagnon, Bart Knight, Dutch Walters, Ben Medley, Raymond Wheat (Assistant Coach), Back-Jimmy Terrell (coach)
Date: 1935~/1936~
Item Type: Photograph