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Cactus Filling Station

Description: Photographic postcard of filling station. Photographic postcard of Cactus Filling Station with two men (D.H. McVay and S.A. Small) and two cars, in Van Horn,TX. Text on postcard reads,"Elevation 4036 ft., Van Horn - Texas, Ladies Rest Room, Pure Water, Road Information, Free Ice Water, The Cactus Twins"
Date: 1928~
Item Type: Postcard

Cora Barker

Description: Photograph of a young lady with a hat. Cora Barker was a member of the order of the Eastern Star
Date: 1924
Item Type: Photograph

Ed Ray

Description: Photograph of a man. Photograph of Ed Ray, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1926
Item Type: Photograph

Eugene Rowe's Grocery Store

Description: Photograph of grocery store with patrons. Photograph of Eugene Rowe's Grocery Store in the 1920s in the east end of the Clark Hotel building, 108 W. Front Street, Van Horn, TX
Date: 1920 - 1929
Item Type: Photograph

John Moore

Description: Photograph of a man, Photograph of John Moore, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1921
Item Type: Photograph

M. C. Lofton

Description: Photograph of a man with white hair. Photograph of M. C. Lofton, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1925
Item Type: Photograph

Ponce Villalobos, Jr.

Description: Photograph of boy with dog. Photograph of Ponce Villalobos, Jr, of Van Horn, Texas, with dog, possibly 1925.
Date: c. 1925
Item Type: Photograph

Reed J. Smith

Description: Photograph of a man with glasses. Photograph of Reed J. Smith, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1928
Item Type: Photograph

Sotol Mill

Description: Photograph of sotol mill. Photograph of sotol mill, Van Horn, TX. 1923
Date: 1923
Item Type: Photograph

Van Horn Base-Ball Club 1921

Description: Photograph of baseball team. Photograph of Van Horn, TX's Base-Ball Club, 1921. Including L to R (6 unknown players, Leonides Abreo, Genaro Carrillo, unknown, Fred Clark-manager, Fred Clark, Jr.-bat boy.) "Van Horn, Tex. Base-Ball Club, 1921. Photo by Hallgren 202 1/2 E. San Antonio St, El Paso, Tex."
Date: 1921
Item Type: Photograph

W. J. Dees

Description: Photograph of a man in a hat. Photograph of W. D. Dees, a mason in Van Horn, TX.
Date: 1927
Item Type: Photograph