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Young Ladies with Tom Neill and Glenn Durrill
Photograph of five young women and two men. Photograph of Florence Malone, Velma Garren, Pauline Stephens, Beulah Durrill and unidentified girl, with Tom Neill and Glenn Durrill, of Van Horn, TX
Young men and coach
Photograph of seven men. Photograph of Coach Howard Swamm Young with Jim Neal, Charles Dees, Charles Guest, Dwayne Thomason, Carmine Henderson, Craig Thrift, of Van Horn, Tx from 1959.
Young women in formal dresses
Photograph of seven young women in formal attire. Photograph of seven young women of Van Horn, TX wearing formal dresses, including: Sherri Wilkes, Donna Clark, Pam Jackson, Dale Lynch, Karen Wilkes, Jane Nobles, Francis Gregory