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[Photograph of Myrtle Moten]

Description: Portrait of Myrtle Bell Moten as a toddler standing on a wooden chair with her left hand resting on the its back. She is wearing a white dress and black boots with leggings and her hair is set with coils of curls.
Date: 1911~

[Portrait of Myrtle Moten]

Description: Portrait of Myrtle Bell Moten. She is dressed in a velvet sleeveless bodice and wears a long-sleeved blouse made of a material that is almost sheer, but has a weave-like pattern and a lace collar. She is looking at the camera and has bobbed hair.
Date: 1923~

[Photograph of Myrtle Moten]

Description: Portrait of Myrtle Bell Moten as a baby. She is seated on a chair, dressed in a white dress edged in drawn work with a pillow behind her.
Date: 1910

[Group of African American Women]

Description: Photograph of six African American women, one of whom is Myrtle Bell Moten. She and another woman are dressed in shorts, three are wearing pants, and one is dressed as a nurse. They are standing in a field with trees in the background.
Date: 1929~

[Dr. Carl G. Roberts of Chicago]

Description: Photograph of Dr. Carl G. Roberts of Chicago. He is dressed in a dark suit and tie with a handkerchief in the top pocket.
Date: 1930

[Annetta Moten on Chair]

Description: Portrait of Carrie Annetta Moten, standing on a wooden chair with a pillow. She is dressed in dark winter attire with a hat, two-toned boots and leggings, and holds a toy dog.
Date: 1910~

[Photograph of Annetta and Myrtle Moten]

Description: Photograph of Carrie Annetta Moten and Myrtle Bell Moten, daughters of Dr. Edwin D. Moten and Mrs. Whitlock Moten. Myrtle is standing and pointing towards the camera while Annetta is sitting on the grass on the right side of the image. They are both wearing white dresses with shoes and leggings.
Date: 1911~

[Photograph of Annetta and Myrtle Moten]

Description: Photograph of Carrie Annetta Moten and Myrtle Bell Moten, daughters of Dr. Edwin D. Moten and Mrs. Whitlock Moten, standing in a grass yard with a wooden fence behind them. Myrtle is standing on the left and the snapshot is blurred over Annetta on the right side.
Date: 1911~

Unknown Child

Description: Photograph of an unknown child just able to walk in an unidentified location. Pictured on grass with picnic tables and seated people in the background.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of E. D. Moten, Jr.]

Description: Portrait of E. D. Moten, Jr., standing near a white fence with four rails. He wears a sweater, shorts, long socks, and shoes, and has something in his mouth.
Date: 1921~

Unidentified Building

Description: Unidentified two-story building with tower and chimneys, rose garden in the foreground. One unidentified male with shirt and suspenders on the left in front of the entrance and another unidentified male on the far right with his back to the camera.
Date: unknown

Unidentified Downtown

Description: Photograph of parking area for horses and buggies in an unknown downtown setting. Fountain with statue, trees with leaves.
Date: unknown

Unidentified Man and Woman

Description: Photograph of unidentified man and woman standing in front of an unknown building. The man is wearing a dark suit and tie and glasses and the woman is in a long skirt and short-sleeved sweater.
Date: c. 1934

Unidentified Group of Young Girls

Description: Group of five unidentified young girls with an unidentified woman in the background. They are all wearing white dresses and are standing in order of height from the shortest to the tallest. There is a fence and tree in the background.
Date: c. 1911

[E. D. Moten, Jr. Standing by a Tree]

Description: Photograph of E. D. Moten, Jr., standing with one hand on a tree. He is dressed in a one-piece suit with long sleeves. There are cars in the background with a row of houses running on the left side of the street.
Date: 1920~

Haymond and A. D.

Description: Two males identified on the back of the photograph as "My very best friends Haymond and A. D." They are standing in front of a porch with columns. One is in a pale suit and tie and the other in a dark suit and striped tie.
Date: 1930~

Clarence E. Hall

Description: Portrait of Clarence E. Hall posed leaning against bushes hear a porch that has a swing. His hands are clasped across his checst and his head is bowed. His sleeves are rolled up and he is wearing knickers with no hose.
Date: unknown

Unidentified Mother with Child

Description: Portrait of an unidentified mother with child. Taken in a photographic studio with a painted landscape background. The little boy is standing dressed in a white suit with satin bow tie, knickers, and striped socks. The woman is in profile and is wearing a fur collar on a dressy suit coat, lace blouse, and has a beaded handbag on her lap.
Date: c. 1913

[Military Portrait of Dr. E. D. Moten]

Description: Portrait of Dr. E. D. Moten dressed in a uniform and referred to, in the margin of the bottom of the photograph, as "Col. E. D. Moten, S. G."
Date: 1930~

[Photograph of Susie Whitlock Moten]

Description: Photograph with charcoal over the portrait of Susie A. Whitlock (Moten). She is not smiling and has a very close-cut hair style. She is wearing a dark dress.
Date: 1886~