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[Letter from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to Pierce I. Moten, 1946]

Description: Letter from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to his brother Pierce I. Moten in 1946. Dr. Moten mentions an upcoming visit to see him in California that summer, and notes that his son is out of the army now and will be setting up office in Chicago where his wife teaches. Daughter Annetta is teaching and living with them while her husband remains in the Air Corps. His youngest daughter Myrtle lives and works in DC, while her husband, an Army Major, is currently stationed in Alabama.
Date: 1946
Creator: Moten, Edwin D., Sr.

[Two Letters from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to Don Moten, September 28 & October 2, 1943]

Description: Two letters from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to his son Don Moten, on September 28, and October 2, 1943. In the first letter, Dr. Moten suggests that his son practice as an assistant to a doctor to get some experience, if he isn't called to the army. He also discusses Don's money troubles. In the second letter, Dr. Moten discusses treating young men who have to report to the army soon, and again mentions Don's money troubles.
Date: {1943-09-28, 1943-10-02}
Creator: Moten, Edwin D., Sr.