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[Group of African American Women]

Description: Photograph of six African American women, one of whom is Myrtle Bell Moten. She and another woman are dressed in shorts, three are wearing pants, and one is dressed as a nurse. They are standing in a field with trees in the background.
Date: 1929~
Item Type: Photograph

[Portrait of Myrtle Moten]

Description: Portrait of Myrtle Bell Moten. She is dressed in a velvet sleeveless bodice and wears a long-sleeved blouse made of a material that is almost sheer, but has a weave-like pattern and a lace collar. She is looking at the camera and has bobbed hair.
Date: 1923~
Item Type: Photograph

[Photograph of E. D. Moten, Jr.]

Description: Portrait of E. D. Moten, Jr., standing near a white fence with four rails. He wears a sweater, shorts, long socks, and shoes, and has something in his mouth.
Date: 1921~
Item Type: Photograph

[E. D. Moten, Jr. Standing by a Tree]

Description: Photograph of E. D. Moten, Jr., standing with one hand on a tree. He is dressed in a one-piece suit with long sleeves. There are cars in the background with a row of houses running on the left side of the street.
Date: 1920~
Item Type: Photograph