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Clarence E. Hall

Description: Portrait of Clarence E. Hall posed leaning against bushes hear a porch that has a swing. His hands are clasped across his checst and his head is bowed. His sleeves are rolled up and he is wearing knickers with no hose.
Date: unknown

Haymond and A. D.

Description: Two males identified on the back of the photograph as "My very best friends Haymond and A. D." They are standing in front of a porch with columns. One is in a pale suit and tie and the other in a dark suit and striped tie.
Date: 1930~

[Letter from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to Daisy M. Moten, April 30, 1946]

Description: Letter from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to his sister Daisy Moten, on April 30, 1946. He asks her if she thinks she has done the right thing by remaining single after the death of her husband, and tells her that he is very happy with his second marriage. He thanks her for a Christmas present and an Easter card, and tells her that she is always welcome to visit his home.
Date: April 30, 1946
Creator: Moten, Edwin D., Sr.