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Unidentified Downtown

Description: Photograph of parking area for horses and buggies in an unknown downtown setting. Fountain with statue, trees with leaves.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

Unidentified Group of Young Girls

Description: Group of five unidentified young girls with an unidentified woman in the background. They are all wearing white dresses and are standing in order of height from the shortest to the tallest. There is a fence and tree in the background.
Date: c. 1911
Item Type: Photograph

Unidentified Man and Woman

Description: Photograph of unidentified man and woman standing in front of an unknown building. The man is wearing a dark suit and tie and glasses and the woman is in a long skirt and short-sleeved sweater.
Date: c. 1934
Item Type: Photograph

Unidentified Mother with Child

Description: Portrait of an unidentified mother with child. Taken in a photographic studio with a painted landscape background. The little boy is standing dressed in a white suit with satin bow tie, knickers, and striped socks. The woman is in profile and is wearing a fur collar on a dressy suit coat, lace blouse, and has a beaded handbag on her lap.
Date: c. 1913
Item Type: Photograph

Unknown Child

Description: Photograph of an unknown child just able to walk in an unidentified location. Pictured on grass with picnic tables and seated people in the background.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

Unknown Man

Description: Unidentified man in a suit standing next to a 1930s sedan automobile.
Date: 1930~
Item Type: Photograph