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[American Monthly Review of Reviews Receipt]
Receipt for a transaction with The American Monthly Review of Reviews and Cooke County Library. The receipt includes the date and payment information. The back of the receipt features stamps and the addressee, Miss Lillian Gunter.
[Open House Invitation to New Cooke County Library]
Invitation to the open house of the new Cooke County Library on 112 W. Main in Gainesville, Texas. The invitation features advertisements for General Electric air conditioning by H & H Sales and Ready-Mix Concrete.
[Registration Card for Cooke County Library]
Registration card for Avinelle Davis, a patron of Cooke County Library. The card features the patron's name, address, occupation, and reference (Nellie E. Davis). It is one of the first registration cards for the library.
[Shipping Receipt from Wells Fargo and Company Express]
Shipping receipt from Wells Fargo and Company Express. The receipt includes shipping information along with terms and conditions.
[Short History of Cooke County Library]
Document of a brief history of Cooke County Library, including information and statistics beginning from the early 1900s. It discusses the need for a new library which would be built in 1963.