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75th Celebration Schedule of Events
List of events for the City of Cleveland's 75th Anniversary Celebration. The list includes a timeline outlining events from July 2, 2010 to July 4, 2010.
75th Celebration Schedule of Events
List of the eldest residents of the City of Cleveland, for the 75th Anniversary Celebration. The list includes the names of the individuals, their birthdays, their age, and the color for their Senior Birthday Certificates.
[City of Cleveland Emblem]
One-page pamphlet containing a photograph of the emblem of the City of Cleveland. The emblem is gold and has a large blue letter 'C' with a red star in the middle. The caption beneath the photograph reads, "Cleveland.... A Product of the Pines."
Cleveland, Texas 1935-2010
Document discussing the incorporation of Cleveland, Texas. It briefly describes the history of the Cleveland area and identifies Charles Lander Cleveland, the original owner of the patent of the land. His photograph is shown at the bottom of the page.
Cleveland, Texas is incorporated in 1935
Document that lists historical events that occurred in 1935, the year that Cleveland was incorporated, in the United States and beyond. The list includes songs, movies, political issues, sports, and average prices and wages from that year.
[Cleveland's Oldest Known Resident]
Information about the City of Cleveland's oldest known resident, identified as Linia Hamilton Alfred. The paper provides information about her life and major historical events that occurred while she was growing up. She was born on October 31, 1904 and is currently a great-great-great grandmother.
[Letter From Texas Governor Rick Perry]
Document from Texas Governor Rick Perry, recognizing the 75th Anniversary of the City of Cleveland. He is extending his greetings to the town and wishing them a memorable celebration.
Significant Dates in the Development of our Early Community
Document presenting a timeline of significant dates in the development of the community in the City of Cleveland. The timeline begins at 1855 and ends at the incorporation of Cleveland in 1935.