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Cleveland's Local Radio Station
Photograph of the KLVB radio station building, which opened in 1954. It is a one-story building with siding, and has the station letters on the side of the building as well as three large antennae.
Dairy Day Contestents
Photograph of a contestant posing with the cow that he entered in the livestock-judging portion of the Dairy Day celebrations in Cleveland, Texas. The cow is multi-colored and wearing a halter. The young man is standing behind the cow and is wearing a checkered shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He is also holding a ribbon against the cow's back. There are trees and other contestants in the background.
Flag Dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Facility
Photograph of a group of people -- including Chief Batiste of the Alabama Coushatta Indians, the Mayor of Cleveland, and the administrator of the facility -- participating in a flag dedication ceremony at the Autumn Hills Nursing Home. There is a young girl in a historic costume and holding a flag, seated in a rocking chair on the far left of the image; the other participants are standing to her left. Behind them, there is a stone entryway with a decorative metal grating and several U.S. flags on stands.
Miss Ellie's Kindergarten Class
Photograph of a Cleveland, Texas kindergarten class taught by Mrs. Ellis. The children are standing in three rows on the steps in front of the school and Mrs. Ellis is standing with them, on the far left of the photograph. Behind them, the doors are open and part of the school hallway is visible.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of a quartet of male singers standing around a microphone on the stage in Morrison's Hay Barn. They are all wearing dark-colored slacks and shirts; one of the singers is playing a guitar. Instruments and speakers are visible on the stage behind them.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of a quartet of singers standing around two microphones, performing at Morrison's Hay Barn. It appears to be a family group, with two women in the center, wearing checked dresses; the younger is wearing an apron over her dress. There are two men in the group, an older man on the right and a younger on the left; they are both wearing dark pants with light-colored striped jackets.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of crowd waiting to enter a performance at Morrison's Hay Barn, a large wooden structure. Cars are parked outside, in the foreground.
Morrison's Hay Barn
Photograph of a large band playing at Morrison's Barn near Shepherd, Texas. There is a man on a keyboard in the far right of the image, a man playing piano on the far left, several guitarists, singers, and others in the background. The stage is bordered by wood panels across the top and bottom.
Morrison's Hay Barn
Photograph of country music entertainer at Morrison's Hay Barn, playing a piano. A second person holding a guitar is partially visible on the right.
Perk's Steak House
Photograph of the empty dining room of Perk's Steakhouse which was located on Highway 59, north of Cleveland. There are booths around the outside of the room, several rows of square tables with chairs, and a long counter with stools on the left side of the image. In the background, parked cars are visible through the front door and windows.
"Pete" working at his Service Station
Photograph of "Pete" washing a customer's windshield at his service station. He is wearing a uniform, including a cap with a "Mobilgas Mobiloil" logo and the station building is visible behind him.