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Hank Williams performing at Bill Daniel's Ranch
Photograph of Bill Daniels and Hank Williams, Jr. looking at Daniel's collection of Texas memorabilia. Various items are hanging on the walls behind them, including Native American dolls, leather bags, guns, and other objects.
[Two Men with Indian Figurine]
Photograph of two men, one older and one younger, standing beside an Indian figurine standing on a shelf beside them. Several other knick knacks are mounted on the wall.
Hank Williams, Jr. performing at Bill Daniel's Ranch
Photograph of Bill Daniel, Hank Williams, and a group of horseback riders at Daniel's mock frontier town. Various buildings are visible including a storefront that says "Plantation Ranch Hotel *Saloon*."
[Men on Horses]
Photograph of several men on horseback outside wooden buildings with a Wild West theme in Cleveland, Texas.
[Two Men on Horseback]
Photograph of two men, the elder wearing a suit and the younger wearing jeans and a button down shirt, riding horses in Cleveland, Texas. Both of them wear cowboy hats. Two Western themed wooden buildings, labeled as a town hall and a hotel, are visible in the background.
[Men Riding Horses]
Photograph of two men, the elder wearing a suit and the younger wearing jeans and a button down shirt, riding horses in Cleveland, Texas. Both of them wear cowboy hats. Two Western themed wooden buildings, labeled as a town hall and a hotel, are visible in the background.
Bootlegger's Arrest
Photograph of local law enforcement exhibiting the evidence after arresting a bootlegger.
[Four Men with Boxes of Wine]
Photograph of four men posing next to a car with several boxes of bottled Sweetheart wine on the trunk, in front of a building in Cleveland, Texas.
[Frozen Trees by Support Beams]
Photograph of several trees covered in ice under the support beams of a metal structure in Cleveland, Texas. Buildings and other trees are visible in the background.
[Trees Covered in Ice]
Photograph of bare trees covered in ice in the yard next to a house in Cleveland, Texas. There is also ice on the road in the foreground.
[City of Cleveland Water Tower]
Photograph of a water tower in Cleveland, Texas. The trees at the base of the tower are completely covered in ice, as is the road in the foreground.
[Group on Sidewalk]
Photograph of a group of men in suits, women, and a few children standing on the sidewalk in front of a building in Cleveland, Texas. One man stands at a microphone on a desk in the middle of the photo, and the window behind him is hung with striped banners with stars on them.
United States Post Office
Photograph of the Grand Opening of the United States Post Office on the corner of College and Crockett in Cleveland, Texas. The man at the podium was the area's congressman at the time, U.S. Representative Jack Brooks
[Men by Double Doors]
Photograph of five men standing by the double doors of a building in Cleveland, Texas. The third man from the left holds a ribbon that has been strung across the door, and another man is visible through the glass of the door inside the building.
[Packages in a Building]
Photograph of packages wrapped in paper on a shelf to the right of a room in Cleveland, Texas. There are clothes on a table to the left of the shelf, and a man stands in front of several other shelves full of books on the far side of the room.
[Carriage in Front of House]
Photograph of a man and a woman sitting in a carriage being pulled by a horse in front of a wooden house in Cleveland, Texas. Two women and five children stand on the house's porch to the right.
[Woman at the McMahon Home]
Photograph of the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. McMahon who owned the Cleveland Pharmacy in Cleveland, Texas. The house is painted white and surrounded by trees, potted plants, and orange flowers in the foreground. A woman wearing a light-colored dress is sitting on the porch and a sign above her head says "Apartment for Rent." A stamp on the back of the photograph says "Proof, Moon Young Photography."
[Woman in Front of House]
Photograph of an unidentified woman standing in front of a one-story house in Cleveland, Texas. Trees and bushes are visible in front of the house.
Tennessee Gas Plant Construction
Photograph of the construction of Tennessee Gas Transmmission plant on highway 105 east of Cleveland, Texas. Adjacent to the plant was limited housing for employee families.
TGT Workers
Photograph of group of workers for TGT
Anderson Hotel
Photograph of the Anderson Hotel which was located on the corner of old highway 59 and San Jacinto Street in Cleveland, Texas. The hotel had a large stairway leading to the upstairs rooms from the luxurious lobby. It also had a resturant within the hotel.
Fostoria Lumber Mill Commissary
Photograph of the interior of the Fostoria Mill Commissary, shortly before the mill closed in 1957. ....
Service Station at Fostoria
Photograph of Fostoria, Texas which was west of Cleveland, Texas on Highway 105. The Foster Lumber Company was located at this site and the community was self contained with commissary, gas station, school, housing, etc.
The Church at Fostoria, Texas
Photograph of a chuch that was located in Fostoria, Texas on the grounds of the Foster Lumber Company.
Fostoria School
Photograph of along with the mill at Fostoria, there were most the resources a family needed including a school.
Guyler Hamblen retiring the Post Office Sign in Fostoria, Texas
Photograph of Guyler Hamblen (post master) holding a hammer and removing a "Post Office, Fostoria, Texas" sign from the roof of a front porch. At his feet, there is a steer skull, rifle, and boots near the posts on either side of Hamblen. A parked car is visible in the background at the side of the building.
Fostoria Sign
Photograph of a highway sign located on Hwy 105 west of Cleveland, Texas. The sign is pointing south of 105 to the location of Fostoria, a community formed from the establishment of Foster Lumber Company.
Foster Lumber Company
Photograph of Foster Lumber Company shortly before it closed. Shown in the picture is the railroad tracks ("Dinky") connecting the mill with the Santa Fe Railroad. The commissary, post office and mail office is also in this location.
Dunnam Home
Photograph of the Dunnam Home at Fostoria, Texas. Mr. Dunnam was an executive for Foster Lumber Company,
Capco Industry
Photograph of executives and staff of Capco Industries. (from left to right)Glea Ramey..
Leggett Memorial Hospital
Photograph of hospital employees and Dr. Barnett holding a banner in front of the Leggett Memorial Hospital announcing the arrival of the polio vaccine. The banner says: "Get Your Sabin Polio Vaccine Here Aug. 5th."
Santa Fe Depot
Photograph of the Santa Fe Railroad Depot in Cleveland Texas. At this site the Santa Fe Railway and The Southern Pacific Railway intersected. The Santa Fe line ran East/West and The Southern Pacific Line ran North/South. This site was known by locals as "the junction".
Dark's Drive Inn
Photograph of Dark's Drive Inn on the west side of highway 59 in Cleveland, Texas. It was the local meeting place for young people in the community and had great hamburgers, etc. There was also an inside dining area.
Cox Machine Shop
Photograph of Cox Machine Shop that was located north of Cleveland just off the Coldspings road. The shop was located by the Cox's home where they raised their children. All the children attended Cleveland schools. L to R is Mr.Cox, Charlie Welborn, ?,?,?.
Cleveland Auto Parts [Pilgreen & Sons]
Photograph of the interior of Pilgreen Auto Parts on the east side of Highway 59 south between the township and hwy 105. The picture is of Mr.George Pilgreen, owner and his oldest son, George Wright Pilgreen. Note the air cooled auto cushion display. This product was due to most cars still not having air conditioners.
Foster Lumber Company's New Office
Photograph of a new office built at Fostoria by Foster Lumber Company.
The Light Crust Dough Boys at Perk's Steak House
Photograph of the Light Crust Dough Boys, a country-music band, performing at Perk's Steak House. The six band members are arranged in front of a restaurant counter and holding instruments that include a guitar, violin, keyboard, banjo, and string bass. Another man is visible behind the bar, along with coffee pots, and various other objects; there are unoccupied dining tables in front of the band members.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of the area where clothes were cleaned and pressed. The people working in the area were long time employees.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of the physical plant of Bailey's cleaners. All cleaning was done on site by long time employees.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of a group of people standing in front of Bailey's Cleaners. A vehicle parked in front of the business also has the name "Bailey's Cleaners & Hatters" printed on the back; the business is in a long row of connected commercial buildings, visible in the background. The three persons on the far right of the group are identified as (left to right): Ray Skelton, Mary Clements Bailey, and Graham Bailey.
Ben Franklin Store
Photograph of the Ben Franklin store in Cleveland, Texas.
Investigation of Coats Jewely Burgulary
Photograph of Law enforcement investigating the burglary of the Coats Jewelry. It appears that he is dusting for finger prints on an item found in the store.
Investigation of Coats Jewelry
Photograph of a law enforcement officer investigating a burglary as other officers observe and collaborate.
Clesson Welding Shop
Photograph of Clesson Welding Shop.
Grand opening of the Malarky Room
Photograph of the grand opening of the Malarky room which was an addition to the restaurant that was built earlier. The owners
Little Shamrock Restaurant
Photograph of employees and owners of The Little Shamrock Restaurant posing in a line behind a long, banquet-style table with various food laid out on it. A pie case is behind them, and a small keyboard is visible in the far corner.
Little Shamrock Restaurant
Photograph of dining area of Little Shamrock Restaurant.
Perk's Steak House
Photograph of the empty dining room of Perk's Steakhouse which was located on Highway 59, north of Cleveland. There are booths around the outside of the room, several rows of square tables with chairs, and a long counter with stools on the left side of the image. In the background, parked cars are visible through the front door and windows.
Perk's Steakhouse, Kiwanis meeting room
Photograph of Kiwanis meeting room in the Little shamrock restaurant.
Perk's Steak House
Photograph of front of Perk's Steak House located on Hwy 59 North of Cleveland offering curb service and inside dining and meeting rooms.