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[75th Anniversary Commemorative Quilt]

Description: Color photograph of a quilt commemorating the 75th anniversary of Cleveland, Texas's incorporation as an independent municipality. The quilt's surface has been stitched with hand prints, each representing one of 53 individuals that were citizens of Cleveland in 1935. Each hand print bears the name and birth year of its corresponding owner. A young girl and a woman stand to the right of the quilt.
Date: May 5, 2011

[Band Performing at Perks Steakhouse]

Description: Photograph of Light Crust Doughboys, a popular country western band, performing at Perks Steakhouse in Cleveland, Texas. There are six members in the band playing various instruments.
Date: 1960
Creator: Young, Moon

[Cars in Santa Parade]

Description: Photograph of cars driving in the Cleveland Santa Parade. The car in the foreground has a logo on the side that advertises the Flower House and reads, "We telegraph Flowers". Stores in the background include Texas Jewelry, T. C. Hill Insurance, and Lack's. On the left is the Farmers State Bank and United Gas.
Date: 1953

[Children Outside the Cleveland School]

Description: Copy negative of three young girls standing beneath a tree outside of the Cleveland School. There are two boys in the distance standing near a bike, and two girls talking behind them. Children can be seen sitting on the steps of the school in the background. The school was first built as the Cleveland Grammar School and later became Cleveland High School, facing Dallas Street. Southside Elementary was later erected on the side and faced towards Ft. Worth Street. The Cleveland ISD Tax & Central Offices now occupy the Dallas Street side.
Date: 193u

[City Hall in Cleveland, Texas]

Description: Color photograph of the Cleveland, Texas city hall, a mostly one-story building that is surrounded by sidewalks and lawns. Two flagpoles with the Texas flag and the American flag are visible near the entrance of the building.
Date: unknown

[Civic Center of Cleveland, Texas]

Description: Color photograph of the Cleveland, Texas Civic Center, a two-story building surrounded by sidewalks, grassy areas, and small trees. There are several windows on the front facade of the building. Two flagpoles, one with the Texas flag and one with the American flag, flank the entrance.
Date: unknown

[Clements Brothers Drug Store]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Clements Brothers Drug Store and pharmacist Tom Clements. There are multiple displays around the store, including a Kodak display on the far, back right, cosmetics on the shelves on the right, and newspapers on the front counter. There is a White Owl ad on the cigar counter on the front left, and a soda fountain with six stools. A man is standing behind the counter on the left where chips, peanuts, and cookies are displayed in glass jars. There are Christmas decorations hanging across the ceiling with strands of tinsel.
Date: 1934/1935

[Cleveland Colored School Drill Team]

Description: Photograph of the Cleveland Colored School Drill Team. There are four rows of girls lined up performing a drill. They are wearing skirts and cowboy hats and holding batons.
Date: 1961
Creator: Young, Moon

[Cleveland Dairy Day]

Description: Copy-print photograph of four children with calves at Cleveland Dairy Day in Cleveland, Texas. They are the children of Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Ward, and from left to right are Peggy, Freddie, Dottie, and John Lewis Ward. An accompanying note states that the cow tied to the fence in the background stepped on the young girl's toe and she didn't hold its reins for the photograph.
Date: 1958

[Cleveland Dairy Day Milking Contest]

Description: Photograph of a young girl milking a cow for the Cleveland Dairy Day Milking Contest. She is wearing a long polka dot dress and smiling towards the camera.
Date: 1948
Creator: Young, Moon

[Cleveland Dairy Days]

Description: Photograph of contestants and cattle shown in an arena. There are spectators seated in covered and uncovered stands around the arena. Two children are seated on top of the wooden fence in the bottom-right. The 2012 site contains a Wells Fargo Bank.
Date: 1948
Creator: Young, Moon

[Cleveland High School Baseball Team]

Description: the Cleveland High School baseball team. They are seated outdoors near the dugout. Their jerseys read "Cleveland Indians."
Date: 1955
Creator: Young, Moon

[Cleveland Tire Service]

Description: Photograph of the exterior of the Cleveland Tire Service shop in Cleveland, Texas. Five employees are standing outside the front of the building next to rows of tires.
Date: 1920/1930

[Early Cleveland School]

Description: Copy negative of an early school in Cleveland, Texas. A large group of people is standing in front of the building facing towards the camera. There are two people in the background in the doorway of the school.
Date: 1910

[Employee of the Santa Fe Railroad]

Description: Cropped copy-print photograph of a young girl, "little barefoot" Lillie Snider, with her father Ed "Shorty" Snider. She is holding a lunchbox and facing towards the camera. Her father is an employee of the Santa Fe Railroad in Cleveland, Texas. He is standing behind her by a barrel on a wooden cart.
Date: 1941

[First Baptist Church of Cleveland, Texas]

Description: Color photograph of the First Baptist Church building in Cleveland, Texas, as viewed from the front facade with the steeple in view.
Date: unknown
Creator: Young, Moon

[First United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Texas]

Description: Color photograph of the First United Methodist Church building in Cleveland, Texas, as seen from the front with the announcement marquee in view. The building boasts tall, decorative rectangular windows and an entrance door framed within a pointed arch.
Date: unknown
Creator: Young, Moon

[Fostoria Lumber Company Baseball Team]

Description: Photograph of the Fostoria Lumber Company Baseball Team seated outside. There are nine men wearing white baseball uniforms and four other men seated with them. Fostoria was once a thriving lumber town with a hotel, company store, homes, schools, churches, and a cemetery.
Date: 1949
Creator: Young, Moon

[Group of Ladies Auxiliary Women from World War I]

Description: Photograph of a group of Ladies Auxiliary Veterans from World War I. They are standing around a table that has an Auxiliary Veterans flag laid on top. An American flag and a Veterans plaque are on the wall behind the group of women.
Date: 1962
Creator: Young, Moon

[Interior of Fostoria Commissary]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Fostoria Commissary in Fostoria, Texas. The front counter features different styles of men's hats. There is a weight machine in the foreground that gives character readings.
Date: 1950

[Marching Band and Twirlers in Santa Parade]

Description: Photograph of a marching band and a group of twirlers in the Santa Parade in Cleveland, Texas. Six women are in the foreground twirling batons with the marching band behind them. A small group of spectators watches from the side of the road.
Date: 1953

[Mary Frances Anglin, The First Dairy Day Queen]

Description: Black and white photograph of a young woman, Mary Frances Jenkel, née Anglin, being crowned the first Dairy Day Queen, on stage at the 1954 Dairy Day in Cleveland, Texas. She is wearing a velvet coronation robe. The town mayor at the time, N.A. Walker, bestows the honor. A young boy standing near them is holding the crown's pillow. A sizable group of people on stage watch from behind them as the event takes place.
Date: unknown

[Meekins Super Market]

Description: Photograph of the inside of Meekins Super Market in Cleveland, Texas. Employees and Mr. and Mrs. Meekins are shown. From left to right the individuals are identified as Jim Grayson, Mr. Henry the Sunshine Salesman holding a box of Krispy Crackers, owners Jessie and Horace Meekins, J. D. Spiller, Douglas Mizell, Edna Wood Gilchriest, Ager Turner, and Mrs. Lavada Hutchinson. Seen behind the Meekins is a display of Nabisco Crackers, the cash register shows a sale of $3.89. Roi Tan cigars, King Edward cigars, Old Gold cigarettes, B. C. Headache powders, and Stan Back for headaches and pains are shown on the counter. On the right of the register is a box of Krispy Crackers, Hi Ho Crackers, and Kool Aid.
Date: 1949

[Municipal Airport of Cleveland, Texas]

Description: Color photograph of the Cleveland, Texas municipal airport, a small, red brick building with a metal roof. A few shrubs have been planted at the front facade of the building.
Date: unknown