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Austin Library (First Public Library)
Photograph of first public library in Cleveland built by Ms. Austin. It was about 1/2 block from the grammar school. Students would walk single file to check out books. Three sides of the Library were shelves of books. The only other item was a small desk and chair where the librarian worked.
Capco Industry
Photograph of executives and staff of Capco Industries. (from left to right)Glea Ramey..
[Cars in Santa Parade]
Photograph of cars driving in the Cleveland Santa Parade. The car in the foreground has a logo on the side that advertises the Flower House and reads, "We telegraph Flowers". Stores in the background include Texas Jewelry, T. C. Hill Insurance, and Lack's. On the left is the Farmers State Bank and United Gas.
Clesson Welding Shop
Photograph of Clesson Welding Shop.
[Cleveland Dairy Day]
Copy-print photograph of four children with calves at Cleveland Dairy Day in Cleveland, Texas. They are the children of Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Ward, and from left to right are Peggy, Freddie, Dottie, and John Lewis Ward. An accompanying note states that the cow tied to the fence in the background stepped on the young girl's toe and she didn't hold its reins for the photograph.
[Cleveland High School Baseball Team]
the Cleveland High School baseball team. They are seated outdoors near the dugout. Their jerseys read "Cleveland Indians."
Dunnam Home
Photograph of the Dunnam Home at Fostoria, Texas. Mr. Dunnam was an executive for Foster Lumber Company,
First Baptist Church Choir
Photograph of First Baptist Church Choir in 1954. Choir members from left to right are: Front row: Mrs. Theo Scott, Mrs. Ernest Cummings, Mrs. Newman Powers, Mrs. Edsel Brown, Mrs Cam Arrendell, unknown Second row: unknown, unknown, Sally Harkins, Aunt Annie Wright, Elma Lee Tanner, Tula Overton Third Row: unknown Choir Director: Max (last name unknown)
Foster Lumber Company
Photograph of Foster Lumber Company shortly before it closed. Shown in the picture is the railroad tracks ("Dinky") connecting the mill with the Santa Fe Railroad. The commissary, post office and mail office is also in this location.
Fostoria Lumber Mill Commissary
Photograph of the interior of the Fostoria Mill Commissary, shortly before the mill closed in 1957. ....
Fostoria Sign
Photograph of a highway sign located on Hwy 105 west of Cleveland, Texas. The sign is pointing south of 105 to the location of Fostoria, a community formed from the establishment of Foster Lumber Company.
Grand opening of the Malarky Room
Photograph of the grand opening of the Malarky room which was an addition to the restaurant that was built earlier. The owners
Hank's Motel
Photograph of a guest room at Hank's Motel located on highway US 59 north of Cleveland, Texas. The room includes a single bed, a bedside end table containing a glass ashtray to the right with a lamp above, a small built-in desk and stool (left), and a bathroom partially visible through an open door on the left side of the image. A framed image is hung on the wall above the bed.
Hank's Motel
Photograph of exterior of Hank's Motel which was located north of Cleveland, Texas on the West of Highway 59.
Hank's Motel
Photograph of Hank's Motel located north of Cleveland on Highway 59. This photo appears to have been taken in the office/registration area.
Hank's Motel
Photograph of the guest rooms at Hank's Motel. The business was located North of Cleveland, Texas on highway 59.
Hank's Motel Gas Station
Photograph of Hank's Motel which was located North of Cleveland on highway US59. The gas station was part of a complex which included a motel and dining establishment.
[Interior of Fostoria Commissary]
Photograph of the interior of Fostoria Commissary in Fostoria, Texas. The front counter features different styles of men's hats. There is a weight machine in the foreground that gives character readings.
KLVB Radio Station
Photograph of the Local radio station on Plum Grove Road SE of Cleveland.
KLVB Radio Station
Photograph of Grand opening of the local radio station, KLVB.
Little Shamrock Restaurant
Photograph of employees and owners of The Little Shamrock Restaurant posing in a line behind a long, banquet-style table with various food laid out on it. A pie case is behind them, and a small keyboard is visible in the far corner.
Little Shamrock Restaurant
Photograph of dining area of Little Shamrock Restaurant.
[Marching Band and Twirlers in Santa Parade]
Photograph of a marching band and a group of twirlers in the Santa Parade in Cleveland, Texas. Six women are in the foreground twirling batons with the marching band behind them. A small group of spectators watches from the side of the road.
Mosby Furniture Company
Photograph of Skeeter Mosby, owner of Mosby Furniture Store on west side of old Hwy 59 in Cleveland.
[Pee Dinker Football Team]
Photograph of the Pee Dinker Football Team from Cleveland, Texas. The team is seated outdoors in front of the bleachers on a football field.
Perk's Steak House
Photograph of the empty dining room of Perk's Steakhouse which was located on Highway 59, north of Cleveland. There are booths around the outside of the room, several rows of square tables with chairs, and a long counter with stools on the left side of the image. In the background, parked cars are visible through the front door and windows.
Perk's Steak House
Photograph of front of Perk's Steak House located on Hwy 59 North of Cleveland offering curb service and inside dining and meeting rooms.
Perk's Steak House
Photograph of dining room of Perk's Steak House. The Steak House was located on Hwy 59 North of Cleveland.
Perk's Steakhouse, Kiwanis meeting room
Photograph of Kiwanis meeting room in the Little shamrock restaurant.
"Pete" working at his Service Station
Photograph of "Pete" at his full-service service station. He is wearing a uniform including a hat and shirt with the "Mobilgas Mobiloil logo" and is pumping gas into a car, with one leg propped on the back bumper.
"Pete" working at his Service Station
Photograph of "Pete" washing a customer's windshield at his service station. He is wearing a uniform, including a cap with a "Mobilgas Mobiloil" logo and the station building is visible behind him.
"Pete's" Service Station
Photograph of "Pete," one of many gas station workers and owners, putting gas in the tank of a partially-visible vehicle. Pete is wearing a uniform including light-colored slacks and shirt, as well as a hat with a brim; the hat and shirt have patches that say "Mobilgas Mobiloil" with an image of a pegasus. The gas station building is visible in the background. The station offered full service, i.e., filling the tank, cleaning the windshield, changing oil, and tire service.
[Santa Float in Parade]
Photograph of a Santa float during the Cleveland Santa Parade. There is a man dressed as Santa Claus waving towards the crowd and two young children on the float. Sweet's Barber Shop and the Smart Shoppe can be seen behind the crowd watching the parade.
[Santa Parade in Downtown Cleveland, Texas]
Photograph of a car during the Santa Parade in downtown Cleveland, Texas. The car shows the logo "Cleveland Kiwanis" and is on the corner of East Houston and Travis Street. The Farmer's State Bank and Texan Theater, playing Call Me Madam, can be seen in the background. There is a crowd of people congregated by the side of the road near the Super Value Grocery.
Service Station at Fostoria
Photograph of Fostoria, Texas which was west of Cleveland, Texas on Highway 105. The Foster Lumber Company was located at this site and the community was self contained with commissary, gas station, school, housing, etc.
[Sheriff Department Barbeque]
Photograph of a Sheriff Department barbeque in Cleveland, Texas. There are men in suits and officers seated at a picnic table outdoors. Tables with food and refreshments are on covered tables in the background.
[Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Office]
Photograph of a group of ladies at the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company office in Cleveland, Texas. The occasion was an Open House for Mother's Day. Operators are seated at the switchboard and a group of other ladies watches from behind.
Trail Riders
Photograph of SALT gRASS trail riders ride through Cleveland
U. S. Postal Service
Photograph of postal workers preparing to make the first city postal deliveries in Cleveland.
United States Post Office
Photograph of the Grand Opening of the United States Post Office on the corner of College and Crockett in Cleveland, Texas. The man at the podium was the area's congressman at the time, U.S. Representative Jack Brooks