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United States Post Office
Photograph of the Grand Opening of the United States Post Office on the corner of College and Crockett in Cleveland, Texas. The man at the podium was the area's congressman at the time, U.S. Representative Jack Brooks
Blue Haven Rest Home
Photograph of nurses and residents posing together in front of a Christmas tree at Blue Haven Nursing home. Three men are seated in chairs, in front of the tree and a fourth is standing behind them; three women dressed in nurse's uniforms are posing on either side of the men. Another seated person is partially visible on the far left.
Christmas Parade entry
Photograph of four people seated in an open wooden wagon hitched to horses, standing still on a street. The wagon has the initials "HUD" and "H. U. Davis Ranch, Livingston, Texas" written on the seats and sides. A young man in the back of the wagon is petting a young foal that has bows on its mane and tail, just behind the wagon. In the background, there is a commercial building with several storefronts and cars parked along the street. A young boy is standing in the background, watching.
Blue Haven Nursing Home
Photograph of four women wearing plain, light-colored dresses, posing together next to a decorated Christmas tree at Blue Haven Nursing Home. A bed is partially visible on the far left.
The Church at Fostoria, Texas
Photograph of a chuch that was located in Fostoria, Texas on the grounds of the Foster Lumber Company.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of a group of people standing in front of Bailey's Cleaners. A vehicle parked in front of the business also has the name "Bailey's Cleaners & Hatters" printed on the back; the business is in a long row of connected commercial buildings, visible in the background. The three persons on the far right of the group are identified as (left to right): Ray Skelton, Mary Clements Bailey, and Graham Bailey.
Little Shamrock Restaurant
Photograph of employees and owners of The Little Shamrock Restaurant posing in a line behind a long, banquet-style table with various food laid out on it. A pie case is behind them, and a small keyboard is visible in the far corner.
"Pete" working at his Service Station
Photograph of "Pete" at his full-service service station. He is wearing a uniform including a hat and shirt with the "Mobilgas Mobiloil logo" and is pumping gas into a car, with one leg propped on the back bumper.
Flag Dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Facility
Photograph of a group of people -- including Chief Batiste of the Alabama Coushatta Indians, the Mayor of Cleveland, and the administrator of the facility -- participating in a flag dedication ceremony at the Autumn Hills Nursing Home. There is a young girl in a historic costume and holding a flag, seated in a rocking chair on the far left of the image; the other participants are standing to her left. Behind them, there is a stone entryway with a decorative metal grating and several U.S. flags on stands.
"Pete" working at his Service Station
Photograph of "Pete" washing a customer's windshield at his service station. He is wearing a uniform, including a cap with a "Mobilgas Mobiloil" logo and the station building is visible behind him.
"Pete's" Service Station
Photograph of "Pete," one of many gas station workers and owners, putting gas in the tank of a partially-visible vehicle. Pete is wearing a uniform including light-colored slacks and shirt, as well as a hat with a brim; the hat and shirt have patches that say "Mobilgas Mobiloil" with an image of a pegasus. The gas station building is visible in the background. The station offered full service, i.e., filling the tank, cleaning the windshield, changing oil, and tire service.
Guyler Hamblen retiring the Post Office Sign in Fostoria, Texas
Photograph of Guyler Hamblen (post master) holding a hammer and removing a "Post Office, Fostoria, Texas" sign from the roof of a front porch. At his feet, there is a steer skull, rifle, and boots near the posts on either side of Hamblen. A parked car is visible in the background at the side of the building.
Perk's Steak House
Photograph of the empty dining room of Perk's Steakhouse which was located on Highway 59, north of Cleveland. There are booths around the outside of the room, several rows of square tables with chairs, and a long counter with stools on the left side of the image. In the background, parked cars are visible through the front door and windows.
Morrison's Hay Barn
Photograph of a large band playing at Morrison's Barn near Shepherd, Texas. There is a man on a keyboard in the far right of the image, a man playing piano on the far left, several guitarists, singers, and others in the background. The stage is bordered by wood panels across the top and bottom.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of a quartet of male singers standing around a microphone on the stage in Morrison's Hay Barn. They are all wearing dark-colored slacks and shirts; one of the singers is playing a guitar. Instruments and speakers are visible on the stage behind them.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of a quartet of singers standing around two microphones, performing at Morrison's Hay Barn. It appears to be a family group, with two women in the center, wearing checked dresses; the younger is wearing an apron over her dress. There are two men in the group, an older man on the right and a younger on the left; they are both wearing dark pants with light-colored striped jackets.
Hank Williams, Jr. performing at Bill Daniel's Ranch
Photograph of Bill Daniel, Hank Williams, and a group of horseback riders at Daniel's mock frontier town. Various buildings are visible including a storefront that says "Plantation Ranch Hotel *Saloon*."
Hank Williams performing at Bill Daniel's Ranch
Photograph of Bill Daniels and Hank Williams, Jr. looking at Daniel's collection of Texas memorabilia. Various items are hanging on the walls behind them, including Native American dolls, leather bags, guns, and other objects.
Southern Pacific Railroad
Photograph of a Southern Pacific engine and several cars on a railway track, viewed from across a grassy field. Buildings and cars are visible in the background.
Cleveland's Local Radio Station
Photograph of the KLVB radio station building, which opened in 1954. It is a one-story building with siding, and has the station letters on the side of the building as well as three large antennae.
Cleveland City Hall 1985
Photograph of the front of the Cleveland City Hall building, a one-story brick building with stone quoins and decorative brickwork near the windows and roofline. Words on the left side of the building say "City of Cleveland City Hall" and near the center of the building, "City Police Dept."
[National Honor Society Students in Front of School]
Photograph of a group of teenage boys and girls posing in the street in front of the Cleveland High School building in Cleveland, Texas.
Morrison's Hay Barn
Photograph of country music entertainer at Morrison's Hay Barn, playing a piano. A second person holding a guitar is partially visible on the right.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of crowd waiting to enter a performance at Morrison's Hay Barn, a large wooden structure. Cars are parked outside, in the foreground.
[Southwestern Bell Telephone Company Office]
Photograph of a group of ladies at the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company office in Cleveland, Texas. The occasion was an Open House for Mother's Day. Operators are seated at the switchboard and a group of other ladies watches from behind.
[Kirk Alyn in a Superman Costume]
Photograph of Kirk Alyn in a Superman costume between two hedges.
[Lyndon Johnson Standing Above Children]
Photograph of Lyndon Johnson during his 1948 Senate Campaign, when he used a helicopter to visit smaller towns in Texas. He as a microphone around his neck standing above several young boys in Cleveland, Texas.
Graduating Class of Nurses
Photograph of graduating nurses trained at Leggett Memorial Hospital. There are three graduates and their instructor (Pat Oneal, R.N., far right); all of the women are wearing nursing uniforms and standing in a line behind a table covered in a tablecloth with a single lit candle. A calendar is partially visible on the wall behind them.
Leggett Memorial Hospital
Photograph of hospital employees and Dr. Barnett holding a banner in front of the Leggett Memorial Hospital announcing the arrival of the polio vaccine. The banner says: "Get Your Sabin Polio Vaccine Here Aug. 5th."
Hank's Motel
Photograph of a guest room at Hank's Motel located on highway US 59 north of Cleveland, Texas. The room includes a single bed, a bedside end table containing a glass ashtray to the right with a lamp above, a small built-in desk and stool (left), and a bathroom partially visible through an open door on the left side of the image. A framed image is hung on the wall above the bed.
Little League Ball Team
Photograph of a Little League ball team posing in two lines in a field. The boys in the front row are down on one knee and two boys in the center are holding up a bat and a ball; the boys in the back are standing and are bracketed on either end by adult coaches. All of the boys are wearing white T-shirts with the text "Cleveland Pharmacy Giants."
[Meekins Super Market]
Photograph of the inside of Meekins Super Market in Cleveland, Texas. Employees and Mr. and Mrs. Meekins are shown. From left to right the individuals are identified as Jim Grayson, Mr. Henry the Sunshine Salesman holding a box of Krispy Crackers, owners Jessie and Horace Meekins, J. D. Spiller, Douglas Mizell, Edna Wood Gilchriest, Ager Turner, and Mrs. Lavada Hutchinson. Seen behind the Meekins is a display of Nabisco Crackers, the cash register shows a sale of $3.89. Roi Tan cigars, King Edward cigars, Old Gold cigarettes, B. C. Headache powders, and Stan Back for headaches and pains are shown on the counter. On the right of the register is a box of Krispy Crackers, Hi Ho Crackers, and Kool Aid.
Flag Dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Home
Photograph of local Boy Scout troop dedicating the flag at Autumn Hills nursing home in Cleveland Texas.
KLVB Radio Station
Photograph of Grand opening of the local radio station, KLVB.
Cattle Dipping
Photograph of cattle being herded into the squeeze chute to be treated. Two cowboys are on the fence to the right, herding the animals.
[Sheriff Department Barbeque]
Photograph of a Sheriff Department barbeque in Cleveland, Texas. There are men in suits and officers seated at a picnic table outdoors. Tables with food and refreshments are on covered tables in the background.
Cleveland, Texas is incorporated in 1935
Document that lists historical events that occurred in 1935, the year that Cleveland was incorporated, in the United States and beyond. The list includes songs, movies, political issues, sports, and average prices and wages from that year.
75th Celebration Schedule of Events
List of the eldest residents of the City of Cleveland, for the 75th Anniversary Celebration. The list includes the names of the individuals, their birthdays, their age, and the color for their Senior Birthday Certificates.
75th Celebration Schedule of Events
List of events for the City of Cleveland's 75th Anniversary Celebration. The list includes a timeline outlining events from July 2, 2010 to July 4, 2010.
Cleveland, Texas 1935-2010
Document discussing the incorporation of Cleveland, Texas. It briefly describes the history of the Cleveland area and identifies Charles Lander Cleveland, the original owner of the patent of the land. His photograph is shown at the bottom of the page.
[Letter From Texas Governor Rick Perry]
Document from Texas Governor Rick Perry, recognizing the 75th Anniversary of the City of Cleveland. He is extending his greetings to the town and wishing them a memorable celebration.
[Letter from Cleveland Mayor Jill Barnett Kirkonis]
Letter from the mayor of the City of Cleveland. It discusses the 75th Anniversary of the city, and talks about the achievements that have been made over the years.
Significant Dates in the Development of our Early Community
Document presenting a timeline of significant dates in the development of the community in the City of Cleveland. The timeline begins at 1855 and ends at the incorporation of Cleveland in 1935.
[75th Anniversary Commemorative Quilt]
Color photograph of a quilt commemorating the 75th anniversary of Cleveland, Texas's incorporation as an independent municipality. The quilt's surface has been stitched with hand prints, each representing one of 53 individuals that were citizens of Cleveland in 1935. Each hand print bears the name and birth year of its corresponding owner. A young girl and a woman stand to the right of the quilt.
[City of Cleveland Emblem]
One-page pamphlet containing a photograph of the emblem of the City of Cleveland. The emblem is gold and has a large blue letter 'C' with a red star in the middle. The caption beneath the photograph reads, "Cleveland.... A Product of the Pines."
[Cleveland's Oldest Known Resident]
Information about the City of Cleveland's oldest known resident, identified as Linia Hamilton Alfred. The paper provides information about her life and major historical events that occurred while she was growing up. She was born on October 31, 1904 and is currently a great-great-great grandmother.
[Early Cleveland School]
Copy negative of an early school in Cleveland, Texas. A large group of people is standing in front of the building facing towards the camera. There are two people in the background in the doorway of the school.
[Cleveland Colored School Drill Team]
Photograph of the Cleveland Colored School Drill Team. There are four rows of girls lined up performing a drill. They are wearing skirts and cowboy hats and holding batons.
[Santa Float in Parade]
Photograph of a Santa float during the Cleveland Santa Parade. There is a man dressed as Santa Claus waving towards the crowd and two young children on the float. Sweet's Barber Shop and the Smart Shoppe can be seen behind the crowd watching the parade.
[Interior of Fostoria Commissary]
Photograph of the interior of Fostoria Commissary in Fostoria, Texas. The front counter features different styles of men's hats. There is a weight machine in the foreground that gives character readings.