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Dairy Day Contestents
Photograph of a contestant posing with the cow that he entered in the livestock-judging portion of the Dairy Day celebrations in Cleveland, Texas. The cow is multi-colored and wearing a halter. The young man is standing behind the cow and is wearing a checkered shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He is also holding a ribbon against the cow's back. There are trees and other contestants in the background.
[Dance Drill Team]
Photograph of a group of African American girls in cowgirl outfits and hats carrying batons on a field in Cleveland, Texas.
Dark's Drive Inn
Photograph of Dark's Drive Inn on the west side of highway 59 in Cleveland, Texas. It was the local meeting place for young people in the community and had great hamburgers, etc. There was also an inside dining area.
[Decorated Car]
Photograph of a car decorated with bows and a banner reading "Pilot Club" in front of a row of stores in Cleveland, Texas.
[Decorated Car in a Parade]
Photograph of a man driving a car decorated with red, white, and blue ribbons past a crowd in a parade in Cleveland, Texas. A banner on the driver's side door reads "Mayor, Councilmen & City Manager".
[Dog in Front of Wreckage]
Photograph of a dog standing on the lawn in front of the wreckage of two buildings in Cleveland, Texas.
[Don Yarborough Shaking Hands]
Photograph of Don Yarborough shaking hands with a man in a suit in front of several parked cars in Cleveland, Texas. Other men and several signs are visible in the background.
[Don Yarborough with Man and Woman]
Photograph of Don Yarborough standing between a man and a woman in a building in Cleveland, Texas.
[Drill Team Practicing]
Photograph of a drill team made up of African American girls practicing on a field in Cleveland, Texas. Buildings and a school bus are visible in the background.
[Drive Inn Restaurant]
Photograph of a building called the Drive Inn Restaurant in Cleveland, Texas. Cars are visible to the left.
Dunnam Home
Photograph of the Dunnam Home at Fostoria, Texas. Mr. Dunnam was an executive for Foster Lumber Company,
[Early Churches of Cleveland, Texas]
Compilation of information about churches in Cleveland, Texas including histories, church leaders, and other information. The church sketches include the Galilee Praise and Worship Center (later Galilee Missionary Baptist Church), the African Methodist Episcopal Church (later New Bethel African Methodist Church), First United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, and St. Mary's Catholic Church.
[Early Cleveland School]
Copy negative of an early school in Cleveland, Texas. A large group of people is standing in front of the building facing towards the camera. There are two people in the background in the doorway of the school.
[Employee of the Santa Fe Railroad]
Cropped copy-print photograph of a young girl, "little barefoot" Lillie Snider, with her father Ed "Shorty" Snider. She is holding a lunchbox and facing towards the camera. Her father is an employee of the Santa Fe Railroad in Cleveland, Texas. He is standing behind her by a barrel on a wooden cart.
[Exterior of a Brick Building]
Photograph of the exterior of a brick building in Cleveland, Texas.
[Family on Porch]
Photograph of four people, identified by the text below the photo as the children of Samuel K. Stanfield, standing on the porch of a wooden house in Romayor, Texas.
[Firemen Climbing Stairs]
Photograph of several firemen climbing the steps leading to the second story of a building on fire in Cleveland, Texas. Several more firemen are visible on the roof of the building.
First Baptist Church Choir
Photograph of First Baptist Church Choir in 1954. Choir members from left to right are: Front row: Mrs. Theo Scott, Mrs. Ernest Cummings, Mrs. Newman Powers, Mrs. Edsel Brown, Mrs Cam Arrendell, unknown Second row: unknown, unknown, Sally Harkins, Aunt Annie Wright, Elma Lee Tanner, Tula Overton Third Row: unknown Choir Director: Max (last name unknown)
[First Baptist Church of Cleveland, Texas]
Color photograph of the First Baptist Church building in Cleveland, Texas, as viewed from the front facade with the steeple in view.
[First Baptist Tent Revival Float]
Photograph of two men standing by a float labeled "First Baptist Tent Revival" being pulled by a car during a parade in Cleveland, Texas. A marching band lines up by the church on the other side of the street.
First City Mail Delivery
Photograph of...
First Methodist Church
Photograph of of First Methodist Church (1918) located at Hwy 59 and Hanson Street.
First Methodist Church
Photograph of First Methodist Church, erected in 1905. Writing on photograph indicates address E. Church South. A.L. Carnes, P.C.
[First United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Texas]
Color photograph of the First United Methodist Church building in Cleveland, Texas, as seen from the front with the announcement marquee in view. The building boasts tall, decorative rectangular windows and an entrance door framed within a pointed arch.
Flag Dedication at Aut;umn Hills Nursing Home
Photograph of Boy Scout Troop dedicating the flag at Autumn Hills Nursing Home.
Flag Dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Facility
Photograph of Chief Batiste of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians delivers an address.
Flag Dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Facility
Photograph of a group of people -- including Chief Batiste of the Alabama Coushatta Indians, the Mayor of Cleveland, and the administrator of the facility -- participating in a flag dedication ceremony at the Autumn Hills Nursing Home. There is a young girl in a historic costume and holding a flag, seated in a rocking chair on the far left of the image; the other participants are standing to her left. Behind them, there is a stone entryway with a decorative metal grating and several U.S. flags on stands.
Flag Dedication @ Autumn Hills Nursing Home
Photograph of local Boy Scout Troop dedicating the flag at Autumn Hills nursing home in Cleveland Texas.
Flag Dedication Ceremony
Photograph of the Flag dedication ceremony at Autumn Hills Nursing Home in Cleveland, Texas. A local scout troop conducted the dedication while officials and citizens observed.
[Flooded Dirt Road]
Photograph of a flooded dirt road in Cleveland, Texas. Trees are visible on both sides of the road.
[Football Players and Girls on Field]
Photograph of six football players and six girls standing in a semicircle around two more players and a girl holding a bouquet of flowers on a field in Cleveland, Texas.
[Football Players on Field]
Photograph of two football players lying on a field while others run around them in Cleveland, Texas. A coach blows his whistle to the right.
[Football Players on Field]
Photograph of three boys in white uniforms tackling a boy in a darker uniform on a football field in Cleveland, Texas. Coaches and cheerleaders are visible to the right.
[Football Players Running]
Photograph of several football players running across a field in Cleveland, Texas.
[Football Team]
Photograph of young boys in a football team posing on a field in Cleveland, Texas.
Foster Lumber Company
Photograph of Foster Lumber Company shortly before it closed. Shown in the picture is the railroad tracks ("Dinky") connecting the mill with the Santa Fe Railroad. The commissary, post office and mail office is also in this location.
Foster Lumber Company's New Office
Photograph of a new office built at Fostoria by Foster Lumber Company.
Photograph of Fostoria, West of Cleveland off Hwy 105. Fostoria was a saw mill community for the Foster Lumber Company.
[Fostoria Lumber Company Baseball Team]
Photograph of the Fostoria Lumber Company Baseball Team seated outside. There are nine men wearing white baseball uniforms and four other men seated with them. Fostoria was once a thriving lumber town with a hotel, company store, homes, schools, churches, and a cemetery.
Fostoria Lumber Mill Commissary
Photograph of the interior of the Fostoria Mill Commissary, shortly before the mill closed in 1957. ....
Fostoria School
Photograph of along with the mill at Fostoria, there were most the resources a family needed including a school.
Fostoria Sign
Photograph of a highway sign located on Hwy 105 west of Cleveland, Texas. The sign is pointing south of 105 to the location of Fostoria, a community formed from the establishment of Foster Lumber Company.
[Four Men with Boxes of Wine]
Photograph of four men posing next to a car with several boxes of bottled Sweetheart wine on the trunk, in front of a building in Cleveland, Texas.
[Four Nurses]
Photograph of three women graduating as licensed vocational nurses from the nursing program at Leggett Memorial Hospital in Cleveland, Texas. Their instructor, Pat Oneal, is shown on the far right, and there is a calendar on the back wall.
[Frozen Trees by Support Beams]
Photograph of several trees covered in ice under the support beams of a metal structure in Cleveland, Texas. Buildings and other trees are visible in the background.
[Gib Lewis' Car on Parade]
Photograph of an old-fashioned red car, with a banner on the side reading "Speaker of the House Gib Lewis", on a road in Cleveland, Texas during a parade. Other cars and a crowd of people are visible in the background.
[Girl in a Dress]
Photograph of a girl in a flowing dress and a cowboy hat sitting in the back of a convertible during a parade in Cleveland, Texas. A building and several cars are visible in the background.
[Girl Scouts in a Truck]
Photograph of a group of girl scouts in the back of a truck during a parade in Cleveland, Texas. People stand in front of a row of stores in the background.
[Girls in Fancy Dresses]
Photograph of a group of girls in fancy dresses, as well as a little boy in a suit holding a pillow, in the loft of a church in Cleveland, Texas.
Graduating Class of Nurses
Photograph of graduating nurses trained at Leggett Memorial Hospital. There are three graduates and their instructor (Pat Oneal, R.N., far right); all of the women are wearing nursing uniforms and standing in a line behind a table covered in a tablecloth with a single lit candle. A calendar is partially visible on the wall behind them.