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The First Chapter of Norwegian Immigration, (1821-1840) Its Causes and Results

Description: Book discussing the history or Norwegian immigration into the United States; it details the immigration from the first Norwegian settlement in America, through the "Exodus of 1836" and later settlements. The last section of the book deals with "Religious Work Among the Norwegians in America Down to the Year 1845." Index begins on page 451
Date: 1896
Creator: Anderson, Rasmus B. (Rasmus Bjørn), 1846-1936

From Pomerania to America

Description: Book discussing the history of the Radde Family from their European ancestors in Pomerania to their arrival in America. Included are various photographs and maps, as well as a list of Radde family members from the Federal Records Center: "Index to Passenger List of Vessels Arriving in Baltimore from 1820-1897." Index begins on page 87.
Date: 1989
Creator: Radde, Rebecca D.

The History of Education in Bosque County, Texas

Description: Master's thesis concerning the history of education in the county, containing photographs, documents, various tables, and some copies of sheet music. The book contains information concerning the early schools in the county up through the Clifton schools in the 1930's. Bibliography begins on page 283.
Date: 2004
Creator: Bronstad, Alvin Lawrence

A History of Texas and Texans, Volume 1

Description: Book discussing the history of Texas and the people living in Texas; this volume discusses topics like: Spanish Texas, the evolution of government, the Texas Revolution, secession crisis, etc. Index begins on page xi.
Date: 1914
Creator: Johnson, Frank W. (Frank White), 1799-1884

A History of Texas and Texans, Volume 5

Description: Book discussing the latter parts of Texas history and the history of Texans; this volume discusses a multitude of individuals, their families, and lives. The text is separated by various portraits of individuals, and followed by a short history of the person. This particular text does not include an index.
Date: 1914
Creator: Johnson, Frank W. (Frank White), 1799-1884

Juana: A Spanish Girl in Central Texas

Description: Biographical account of Juana Cavasos, a Spanish-Italian woman who survived a Comanche raid but was taken as their captive; eventually she was traded to a white man at a Comanche trading post near Waco, Texas. This book details her journey, and includes a few maps showing the routes taken. Bibliography begins on page 133.
Date: 2007
Creator: Andrus, Pearl

Lost and Found; or Three Months with the Wild Indians: A Brief Sketch of the Life of Ole T. Nystel, Embracing his Experience While in Captivity to the Comanches, and Subsequent Liberation from Them

Description: Autobiography of the life of Ole T. Nystel, detailing his early childhood, and his time spent as a Comanche captive. This book contains photographs of Nystel, and family members as well as a map of Bosque County and the surrounding area. Notes begin on page 25.
Date: 1994
Creator: Nystel, Ole T., 1853-1930.

Meridian College

Description: Book detailing the history of Meridian College from around 1895 to 1920.; some of the topics covered are: athletics, fine arts, finances, World War I, religious life, etc. Index begins on page 219.
Date: 1979
Creator: Radde, Rebecca D.

The Old Mill

Description: Book consisting of a number of historical accounts from people living in Bosque County, Texas; the accounts also include strange stories from the area. The book also talks about historical buildings within the county.
Date: 1925
Creator: Duke, Clyde
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