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[Cistercian Preparatory School Sign]

Description: Photograph of a sign outside of the Cistercian Preparatory school. The sign reads "Cistercian Abbey & School." In the foreground are two trees and in the background city buildings are visible. Stickers that read "crop here" are in the top left corner. On the back of the photograph there is a "'91" in the top right corner. In the center is a job sticker that reads "PG 216, PIC 3."
Date: 1991

[Correspondence between Damien Szodenyi and C.W. Meehan-April 1967]

Description: Correspondence between Damien Szodenyi and C.W. Meehan on including an advertisement for the Cistercian Preparatory School in the Dallas Morning News. There are two copies of the advertisement text which discuss the curriculum and the structure of the school. A contract between Cistercian Preparatory School and the Dallas Morning News to run the advertisement is also enclosed.
Date: 1967
Creator: Szodenyi, Damien

Different paths brought four to Cistercian order

Description: Newspaper clipping featuring an article that discusses how Damian Szodeny, James Lehrberger, Peter Verhalen, and Bernard Marton came to join the Cistercian order. It describes their lives before joining and their thoughts about being monks. The clipping also contains other articles and advertisements.
Date: December 27, 1981
Creator: Milstein, Susan

[Football Field]

Description: Photograph of the football stadium at Cistercian College. The stands and trashcan are in the left of the image. In the background is a scoreboard and a large office building behind the scoreboard.
Date: unknown

[Gym Building Construction]

Description: Photograph of the construction of the Cistercian Preparatory School's gym building. The building is surrounded by a steel support frame. In the foreground are trees. A tree to the right has a piece of plastic caught in the branches. On the back of the photograph is a handwritten note that states, "Construction of Gym '71-'72 Completed in '72"
Date: 1971~

[Socrates Sculpture]

Description: Photograph of the Socrates statue at the Cistercian Preparatory school. In the background is a school building. A note on the back of the photograph gives background information on the relation of the artist to the school.
Date: unknown