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[Group in Front of Incomplete Building]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and two boys standing in front of a building. According to accompanying information they are from left to right; Dr. Charles O. Galvin, President, Bryan F. Smith, Chairman of the school's advisory committee, Father Damien, and Dr. E.A. Steinberger, scholarship fund creator. The two boys are unnamed.
Date: [1962..1964]

[Correspondence between Damien Szodenyi and C.W. Meehan-April 1967]

Description: Correspondence between Damien Szodenyi and C.W. Meehan on including an advertisement for the Cistercian Preparatory School in the Dallas Morning News. There are two copies of the advertisement text which discuss the curriculum and the structure of the school. A contract between Cistercian Preparatory School and the Dallas Morning News to run the advertisement is also enclosed.
Date: 1967
Creator: Szodenyi, Damien

[Aerial View of Cistercian Preparatory School Campus]

Description: Photograph of the back of the Cistercian Preparatory School buildings, taken from an aerial perspective. In the background, a sports field and a wooded area are visible, and in the foreground, the tops of three school-buses and two buildings are partially visible. Between the two clusters of buildings is a large grassy field with trees and a pathway. On the back of the photograph is an ink stamp and handwritten notes.
Date: unknown
Location Info:

[Aerial View of School Buildings]

Description: Photograph of the front of Cistercian Preparatory School buildings. The shot was taken from an aerial perspective. A sports field is in the background. Behind the soccer field is a large empty field. On the back of the photograph is a handwritten note that reads "building."
Date: unknown

[Cistercian School Parking Lots and Buildings]

Description: Photograph of three light-colored brick buildings on a hill, visible from across a parking lot. Two staircases lead up the hill to two of the buildings, which are connected by a glass-enclosed walkway. Another building is partially visible on the far left. On the back of the photograph is a sticker and handwritten notes, including one that reads, "'9..."
Date: 199u
Location Info:

[Football Field]

Description: Photograph of the football stadium at Cistercian College. The stands and trashcan are in the left of the image. In the background is a scoreboard and a large office building behind the scoreboard.
Date: unknown

[Friar and Student Look at a Building]

Description: Photograph of a male Cistercian Preparatory School student and a friar standing under a tree and looking at a two-story building across a grassy field. The brick building has lots of windows and extends out of shot. The student wears a plaid blazer, and the friar has his right hand on the boy's shoulder. The back of the photograph is covered in yellow brush-streaks.
Date: unknown

[Seated Cistercian Monk Underlining Book Passages]

Description: Photograph of a Cistercian monk seated at a table underlining passages in a book with a pen. The book is a thick text with three bookmarks sticking out from the pages. In front of the book is an open spiral-bound booklet. There are two file cabinets in the background. On the back of the photograph is a handwritten note that reads "p82 #4."
Date: unknown