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[View of Cistercian Abbey]

Description: Photograph of the Cistercian Abbey from a hill side. To the left of the abbey is a sign that reads "Cistercian Abbey and School" and a row of school buses. In the background a sports field is visible. On the back of the photograph is a handwritten note that describes the location of the abbey on the school grounds.
Date: unknown

[Group in Front of Incomplete Building]

Description: Photograph of a group of men and two boys standing in front of a building. According to accompanying information they are from left to right; Dr. Charles O. Galvin, President, Bryan F. Smith, Chairman of the school's advisory committee, Father Damien, and Dr. E.A. Steinberger, scholarship fund creator. The two boys are unnamed.
Date: [1962..1964]

[Gym Building Construction]

Description: Photograph of the construction of the Cistercian Preparatory School's gym building. The building is surrounded by a steel support frame. In the foreground are trees. A tree to the right has a piece of plastic caught in the branches. On the back of the photograph is a handwritten note that states, "Construction of Gym '71-'72 Completed in '72"
Date: 1971~

[Football Field]

Description: Photograph of the football stadium at Cistercian College. The stands and trashcan are in the left of the image. In the background is a scoreboard and a large office building behind the scoreboard.
Date: unknown

[Aerial View of School Buildings]

Description: Photograph of the front of Cistercian Preparatory School buildings. The shot was taken from an aerial perspective. A sports field is in the background. Behind the soccer field is a large empty field. On the back of the photograph is a handwritten note that reads "building."
Date: unknown

[Two Cistercian Monks Conversing Outside School Building]

Description: Photograph of two Cistercian monks conversing outside of a school building at the Cistercian Preparatory School. The monk on the left holds books and leans on a rail while the monk on the right holds notebooks and papers. In the background is a man with a backpack walking away from the monks. On the back of the photograph is a Taylor publishing Co. stamp that reads "pict no. 4, page no. 34."
Date: unknown

[Two Construction Workers Laying Bricks]

Description: Photograph of two construction workers on a platform laying brick on the side of a building. An aluminum ladder lays on the side of the building. In the foreground an arm of a crane extends to the platform. On the back of the photograph is a job sticker from the Taylor Publishing Company with the picture number listed as "2" and the page number listed as "76."
Date: unknown

[Socrates Sculpture]

Description: Photograph of the Socrates statue at the Cistercian Preparatory school. In the background is a school building. A note on the back of the photograph gives background information on the relation of the artist to the school.
Date: unknown

Different paths brought four to Cistercian order

Description: Newspaper clipping featuring an article that discusses how Damian Szodeny, James Lehrberger, Peter Verhalen, and Bernard Marton came to join the Cistercian order. It describes their lives before joining and their thoughts about being monks. The clipping also contains other articles and advertisements.
Date: December 27, 1981
Creator: Milstein, Susan