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Cattle Bring Herded
A group of cattle are herded by a mounted cowboy.
Cattle in a Field
Two cows in a pasture.
Cattle in a Field
A male steer in a pasture.
[Cedar Treated with Tordon 10k Pellets]
Photograph taken in September 1981 showing the effects of the Tordon 10k pellet on a range of cedar. The cedar in foreground was not treated with the pellets but the ones across the range road were.
Four Sixes Ranch Chuck Wagon
Cowboys eat together from the Four Sixes Ranch chuck wagon.
Four Sixes Ranch Tent
Members of the Four Sixes Ranch convene under a large tent.
J.J. Gibson
J.J. Gibson watches over the pastures of his Four Sixes Ranch.
J.J. GIbson
J.J. Gibson, manager of the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, TX.
Mike and J.J. Gibson
J.J. Gibson and his son Mike stand in a corral with three horses.
Quarter Horse Mares with Colts
Quarter horse mares and their colts eat from hay feeders.
Replica Four Sixes Barn
Newly built Four Sixes barn, a replica of the old Four Sixes barn which was moved to the Texas Tech Heritage Center
Steer and Calf
A steer and its calf together in a field.
Steer and Calf
A cow and her calf together in a pasture.
Trainers with Week-Old Quarter Horses
[Four week-old quarter horses being trained by local youngsters.]