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Grand Champion Steer of Show, Houston, Texas, 1957

Description: Photograph of a steer with a banner hanging on it's back that reads, "Grand Champion Steer of Show, Houston Fat Stock Show & Livestock Exposition, Houston, Texas 1957". Standing behind the steer, from left to right, is Mr. Edgar W. Brown, J.F. Pat Carley, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williams, James Everett and Archer Romero. All of the men except one is wearing a jacket and bow tie. Two of the men wear eyeglasses and everybody is wearing a cowboy hat.
Date: 1957
Creator: James Cathey

Grand Champion Steer of Show, San Antonio, Texas, 1958

Description: Photograph three men and three women standing behind a steer wearing a harness, a tag in it's ear with the number 591 on it, and a banner hanging on it's back that reads, "Buyer Grand Champion Steer of Show, San Antonio Livestock Exposition, San Antonio, Texas 1958". A young girl wearing a western shirt and bow tie is holding the steer's lead rope. Next to the girl is an old couple, the man wearing a light-colored blazer and bolo tie and the woman wearing a hat and large coat. Behind the older woman stands a man in a jacket and bolo tie. Another couple stands behind the steer, both wearing scarves and cowboy hats.
Date: 1958
Creator: Zintgraff