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[Alicia Bermudagrass]

Description: Photograph of Alicia Bermudagrass. Text at the top of the photograph reads: "Alicia Bermudagrass sprouting green leaves on March 11, 1973 in Wichita County, Texas. (Photographed on Ross Roberts' Farm in Wichita Valley near Iowa Park, Tex.)"
Date: March 11, 1973

Champion Bull, The Best Bet Sale

Description: Photograph of a champion Hereford bull with horns and wearing a harness. Standing behind the bull are two men in suits and ties, both wearing cowboy hats. One man is holding the bull's harness and the other is holding a banner that reads, "Champion Bull, The Best Bet Sale, Wichita Fallls, Texas 1958".
Date: 1958

Dipping Cattle, Wichita Falls, Texas

Description: Photograph of cattle being herded through a chute. Several men are standing over the chutes with sticks and an elderly man is spraying the cattle as they pass through the gate. A little boy is sitting on top of a fence on the left side of the frame. In the background are large trucks and one old car.
Date: unknown