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Ranch House in Central Kansas, 1867

Description: Photograph of a pioneer family standing in front of a log cabin. A woman in a striped skirt and apron and a small child in a dark dress stand in the doorway. Next to the doorway sits a young girl in a printed skirt and apron. A man in a dark hat stands with a deer on the right side of the frame.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gardner, Alexander

Chisum Ranch in New Mexico

Description: Photograph of the Chisum Ranch. The ranch house is shrouded in trees and has a large front porch and tall chimney. In the front yard is an electric pole and wires. The property is surrounded by a picket fence. Printed below the photograph is, "The Old Chisum Ranch below Roswell, New Mexico".
Date: unknown

Matador Headquarters from the North

Description: Photograph of Matador Headquarters. The building is a large single-story house made of stone with a separate stone building behind the house with a man standing by it. Attached to the house is a screened-in eating area. Written across the bottom of the photograph is, "Matador Headquarters from North".
Date: unknown

U Ranch House, Sutton County, Texas

Description: Photograph of the U Ranch house. The house is two-stories tall and has a large, sloping dark roof. The house is surrounded by small trees and a wire fence with a front metal gate. Surrounding the property is a rocky ground. Written across the top or the photograph is, "U Ranch house Sutton Co Texas".
Date: unknown

Stage Stand, Turkey Creek in the 1880s

Description: Photograph of the Stage Stand store in Turkey Creek. The building has three signs hanging on it's front wall. Next to the store is a house with a chimney behind a large wooden fence. In front of the store stands two young girls in aprons and petticoats, a man in a white shirt and hat, and two men seated in dark clothing and hats. In front of the fence is a woman and a child sits on top of the fence.
Date: unknown

Belcher Property in Gainesville, TX

Description: Photograph of the Belcher Property. The house is Victorian style and three stories tall, with porches, balconies, columns, stoops and several chimneys. Four people dressed in dark clothing stand on the porch facing the photographer. The property is surrounded by a fence and behind the house is a smaller building with a small tower. Beneath the photograph, a paper reads, "Belcher Property as it appeared in the early 1880's. This building occupied the center of the block on North Dixon street near Belcher Street in Gainesville. In early nineties the building housed what was known as the Synodical College."
Date: unknown

R. Kokernot Home

Description: Photograph of an old ranch-style home surrounded by tall trees. In front of the house is a large fence and gate. In front of the fence is an old automobile with a child standing on it. A large plot of dirt is in the foreground. Written on the right side of the mat is, "R. Kokernot Home".
Date: unknown

Outdoor Kitchen

Description: Scene of men preparing food for other workers at Vick Lumber Co.. In the foreground, a man prepares what appears to be chicken in a large pot, which is sitting on a large piece of metal over fired coals in large kettles.
Date: unknown