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Group Picture

Description: Group photograph, front row, L-R: Bobby Burns, John McMahon, Jr., Bert Herron, Ben Andrews, Sam Cowan, Will Andrews, and Will Hutcheson. Back row, L-R: Cy Bates, John Bell, Claude Corvan, F.M. Power, Oral Jones, John Turbeville, J.S. Birdwelll, Mrs. J.H. Turbeville, W.M. McGregar, Grover Bullington, John F. O'Donohou, and Ed Howard.
Date: unknown

Lee Riddle

Description: Photograph of old cow hand, Lee Riddle. He is standing outdoors near a big tree.
Date: unknown

Chester Bradford

Description: Photograph of Chester Bradford. He sits on a horse in a shallow stream.
Date: unknown

Bill Stafford

Description: Photograph of old cow hand Bill Stafford. He stands near a door and has a striped walking cane.
Date: unknown

F.M. Alexander

Description: Photograph of F.W. Alexander. He wears a boots and a hat and stands in front of a home.
Date: unknown

G.A. Brownfield

Description: Photograph of G.A. Brownfield sitting on a horse in a field.
Date: unknown

Louis Naegelin

Description: Photograph of Louis Naegelin of Castroville, Texas. He wears a hat and stands in front of a home. Written on the back of the photo, "Old Texas Trail Driver".
Date: unknown

Seth Ward and his Son

Description: Photograph of Seth Ward and Seth Ward, Jr. on their cutting horses. Other cowboys are to the right of them.
Date: unknown

Boy Riding a Bull

Description: Photograph of a boy sitting on the back of a bull in a saddle. He wears Western clothing.
Date: unknown

Entrance to a White House

Description: Photograph of the entrance to a stately white house. A walkway leads through a wrought iron gate to a two-story home with a large porch and four columns across the front.
Date: unknown

Herd of Cattle Near Mountains

Description: Photograph of a herd of cattle near some mountains and a pond. Written on the back of the photo is "J.W. Merrell & Son".
Date: unknown

Bearded Man

Description: Photograph of a man's face with a caricature of a person on a donkey beneath it.
Date: unknown

Residents of Friona, Texas in 1909

Description: Photograph of the people of Friona, Texas on June 17, 1909. They stand in front of some of the thown's homes. Nine automobiles are parked behind the group.
Date: June 17, 1909

Man with a Saddle

Description: Photograph of a man holding a saddle. A cowhide lays on the ground beside him.
Date: unknown

Charles Goodnight

Description: Photograph of Charles Goodnight, famed pioneer rancher of the Texas panhandle.
Date: unknown

Two Men with Beards

Description: Photograph of two men with beards. One of them wears a medal on his coat.
Date: unknown

Bottle Exhibit at Fort Davis

Description: Photograph of people viewing glass bottle collection at Fort Davis, Texas in Novenber 1956.
Date: November 1956

Bob Beverly

Description: Photograph of Bob Beverly in May 1950. He is wearing a Western hat and suspenders.
Date: June 1950