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[Portrait of People in a Quaker Town]

Description: Print photograph of a group of black students and adults outside a building in a Quaker town. They are organized into two rows. The first row is of all students, who are either sitting or kneeling, and are wearing various colors and styles of clothing. The second row of people is mostly of adults, who are standing, and wearing various colors and styles of clothing.
Date: unknown

Group Picture

Description: Group photograph, front row, L-R: Bobby Burns, John McMahon, Jr., Bert Herron, Ben Andrews, Sam Cowan, Will Andrews, and Will Hutcheson. Back row, L-R: Cy Bates, John Bell, Claude Corvan, F.M. Power, Oral Jones, John Turbeville, J.S. Birdwelll, Mrs. J.H. Turbeville, W.M. McGregar, Grover Bullington, John F. O'Donohou, and Ed Howard.
Date: unknown

Lee Riddle

Description: Photograph of old cow hand, Lee Riddle. He is standing outdoors near a big tree.
Date: unknown

Chester Bradford

Description: Photograph of Chester Bradford. He sits on a horse in a shallow stream.
Date: unknown

Bill Stafford

Description: Photograph of old cow hand Bill Stafford. He stands near a door and has a striped walking cane.
Date: unknown

F.M. Alexander

Description: Photograph of F.W. Alexander. He wears a boots and a hat and stands in front of a home.
Date: unknown

G.A. Brownfield

Description: Photograph of G.A. Brownfield sitting on a horse in a field.
Date: unknown

Louis Naegelin

Description: Photograph of Louis Naegelin of Castroville, Texas. He wears a hat and stands in front of a home. Written on the back of the photo, "Old Texas Trail Driver".
Date: unknown

Seth Ward and his Son

Description: Photograph of Seth Ward and Seth Ward, Jr. on their cutting horses. Other cowboys are to the right of them.
Date: unknown

Boy Riding a Bull

Description: Photograph of a boy sitting on the back of a bull in a saddle. He wears Western clothing.
Date: unknown

Entrance to a White House

Description: Photograph of the entrance to a stately white house. A walkway leads through a wrought iron gate to a two-story home with a large porch and four columns across the front.
Date: unknown

Herd of Cattle Near Mountains

Description: Photograph of a herd of cattle near some mountains and a pond. Written on the back of the photo is "J.W. Merrell & Son".
Date: unknown

Bearded Man

Description: Photograph of a man's face with a caricature of a person on a donkey beneath it.
Date: unknown

Residents of Friona, Texas in 1909

Description: Photograph of the people of Friona, Texas on June 17, 1909. They stand in front of some of the thown's homes. Nine automobiles are parked behind the group.
Date: June 17, 1909

Man with a Saddle

Description: Photograph of a man holding a saddle. A cowhide lays on the ground beside him.
Date: unknown

Charles Goodnight

Description: Photograph of Charles Goodnight, famed pioneer rancher of the Texas panhandle.
Date: unknown

Two Men with Beards

Description: Photograph of two men with beards. One of them wears a medal on his coat.
Date: unknown

Bottle Exhibit at Fort Davis

Description: Photograph of people viewing glass bottle collection at Fort Davis, Texas in Novenber 1956.
Date: November 1956

Bob Beverly

Description: Photograph of Bob Beverly in May 1950. He is wearing a Western hat and suspenders.
Date: June 1950