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Ernie Gill

Description: Photograph of Ernie Gill, coordinator of the American Paint Horse Association in 1980.
Date: 1980
Item Type: Photograph

June Humble, 1981

Description: Photograph of June Humble, Polled Hereford Queen in May 1981. She wears a crown and holds a bouquet of roses.
Date: May 1981
Item Type: Photograph

John J. Francis in the kitchen

Description: Photograph of John J. Francis cooking in a kitchen while being filmed by a cameraman in April 1983. He wears a striped apron and a tie. The cameraman has on a jacket with the words,"Qube Cable" in the back.
Date: April 14, 1983
Item Type: Photograph

Cows Eating From Trough

Description: Photograph of several cows eating from a trough through a fence. The cows are in a corral, and behind the corral is a large haystack.
Date: May 1984
Item Type: Photograph

Courtney Goodman

Description: Photograph of Courtney Goodman of Blum, Texas crowned as the 1984-85 Shorthorn Lassie Queen on June 10, 1984 at the state field day in Bardwell, Texas.
Date: June 10, 1984
Item Type: Photograph

Terrie Husfeld

Description: Photograph of Terrie Husfeld, All-American National Queen of the American Junior Brahman Associationin August 1984.
Date: August 1984
Item Type: Photograph

John L. Huston

Description: Photograph of John L. Huston, President of the National Live Stock and Meat Board. He is speaking at a podium in May 1975.
Date: May 1985
Item Type: Photograph

Thelma Mae Farr

Description: Photograph of Thelma Mae Farr in September 1985. She is wearing glasses, a hat and a sweater.
Date: September 1985
Item Type: Photograph

Champion Bull at National Western Stock Show, 1987

Description: Photograph of a very large horned Hereford bull wearing a harness. Standing behind the bull are many old men in cowboy hats and a few women, two holding a banner. Behind the group is a curtain that reads, "1987 National Western Stock Show".
Date: 1987
Item Type: Photograph