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La Babia Ranch Headquarters

Description: Photograph of Robert Hunt Jr. and another man standing with a dog in front of an old car. The car is parked at the end of a dirt road in front of a two-story garage and next to a two-story house with a chimney and front porch. The house is surrounded by tall shrubs and there are trees in the background.
Date: unknown

Belcher Property in Gainesville, TX

Description: Photograph of the Belcher Property. The house is Victorian style and three stories tall, with porches, balconies, columns, stoops and several chimneys. Four people dressed in dark clothing stand on the porch facing the photographer. The property is surrounded by a fence and behind the house is a smaller building with a small tower. Beneath the photograph, a paper reads, "Belcher Property as it appeared in the early 1880's. This building occupied the center of the block on North Dixon street near Belcher Street in Gainesville. In early nineties the building housed what was known as the Synodical College."
Date: unknown