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[Auditorium at Lutheran Concordia College]

Description: Photograph of auditorium in Kilian Hall at Lutheran Concordia College showing room with chairs, piano, plants, and ceiling fans. Inscribed "Auditorium Austin, Tex. 1926."
Date: 1926
Creator: Schmidt, Theodore
Item Type: Photograph

[Certificate of Payment from Carl Stautz to Lutheran Concordia College for J. M. Odom]

Description: Billing statement from Carl Stautz on behalf of J. M. Odom to Lutheran Concordia College for the construction of Hirschi Memorial Library. This includes an invoice from J. M. Odom, a receipt from The Walter Tips Company for hardware, a guarantee from Acme Roofing Company, and a final estimate affidavit.
Date: April 14, 1949
Creator: Stautz, Carl H. & Odom, J. M.
Item Type: Text