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[Boy in cart pulled by goat]
Photograph of a young boy in a parade. He is riding past a parking lot of cars in a small cart pulled by a goat.
[Early homestead]
Photograph of an early homestead family group. There are multiple people standing in a field full of cattle, mules, and dogs. A man is standing near a wagon on the left side of the photograph that has large logs on top of it. There is a windmill, a white carriage, and a small building in the background.
[Early homestead family]
Photograph of an early homestead family group. Nine people are standing in front of a small house and two people are sitting in a carriage drawn by two horses. There is a windmill and a small shed in the background.
[Family in front of house]
Photograph of a family standing in front of a small house. There are five children, two women, and three men. There is a dog in the center of the photograph and a horse on the right side of the photograph.
[Family standing on porch]
Photograph of an early family group standing on a porch. There are three young girls standing on the porch steps, and one young boy sitting on a horse on the right side of the photograph. A man and woman are standing in front of the children.
[Fourth of July group]
Photograph of a Fourth of July group. There are five young women and three young men; all are wearing white button-up shirts, except for one young man wearing a dark jacket, tie, and holding a fan and a cigar in his mouth. Some are wearing miniature American flags on their shirts.
[Horses pulling wagon]
Photograph of two horses pulling a work wagon through a field. There are two people seated in the wagon, and two people standing by its side.
[Men constructing house]
Photograph of three men in front of a house being constructed. One man is standing on the ground, and the two other men are standing at the second floor. The house is two stories, and the roof has one layer of wooden planks.
[Mules for constructing railroad]
Photograph of four mules for constructing a railroad that are reined and pulling what appears to be a plow. There is a man in a dark outfit and black hat holding the reins of the mules and standing behind them. There are plains in the background.
[Pioneer family]
Photograph of an early pioneer family standing beneath a tree. There are three women in long white dresses and four men. They are behind a chicken wire fence, and there is a house behind them in the background.
[Women with a toddler on a bike]
Photograph of four women outdoors near a house. They are all wearing hats, and two are standing behind a hedge. The other two are holding a small child that is on the seat of a bicycle.