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[City Shoe Shop]

Description: Photograph of the City Shoe Shop in Wellington, Texas. The caption in the bottom-left corner states that the shop was on the Frank Hajek Property. There are two men wearing bow ties that are standing behind the counter and looking towards the camera, and another man wearing overalls standing in the shop. There are various types of machines and work stations behind the counter.
Date: September 25, 1929

[Cottonwood School Basketball]

Description: Photograph of a basketball championship team from Cottonwood School. There are four young men in the front row with a champions banner, and two young men and one man in a suit in the second row. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies the names of the individuals.
Date: 1924

[Family group next to car]

Description: Photograph of a family group standing next to a car. Notes on the back of the photograph state that the image was taken on the corner of 14th and El Paso Streets. The people are identified as Lou Goodnight, Hayden Goodnight, Mrs. Mayme Goodnight, and Pearl Goodnight.
Date: 1922

[Fifth grade class photograph]

Description: Photograph of a fifth grade class from East Ward Elementary. There are three rows of children standing up, and one row of boys sitting in front. The teacher standing on the right side of the photograph is identified as Faye Farrah. The second person in the first row is identified as Tippton Miller, in the second row the eighth person is Anna Lee Graham, the ninth person is Leona Neese, and the tenth person is Kathleen Leggitt. In the third row the fourth person is Genevieve Strickland and the fifth person is Virginia Lee Fortenberry. In the fourth row the fourth person is Teed Hill and the fifth person is Harmon Elliott.
Date: 1928/1929

[Fleet and Etha Pruden standing in front of truck]

Description: Photograph of a couple identified as Fleet and Etha Pruden. They are standing in front of a dark-colored truck that reads "Pioneers of the Frontier" across the side. The woman is wearing a long skirt, a jacket over a button-up shirt, and a hat. The man is wearing a pinstripe suit and tie and a hat. Part of a windmill and the roof of a building are visible behind the truck. Handwriting on the back of the photograph reveals its date and the couple's names.
Date: October 14, 1928

[Fresno Basketball Team

Description: Photograph of the girls Fresno Basketball team. They are pictured outdoors near the wall of a building. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies the two girls in the front row and three of the girls in the back row.
Date: 1927

[Fresno School]

Description: Photograph of a class from the Fresno School. The students are standing outdoors in three rows. Two children can be seen looking out of the windows behind the group. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies some of the students.
Date: 1921/1922

[Fresno School students]

Description: Photograph of a group of students from Fresno School. They are pictured outdoors near the wall of a building, and are lined up in about seven rows. An accompanying note identifies most of the students' names and which rows they are in. Back row: Ora Lee Forbis (teacher), unidentified, Woodrow Byrd, Tom Harwell, J. Y. Pollard, Loyd Graham, Glenn Crawley, Ray Uselton, Ocie Scott, Lester Harwell, Ray Wood, Ernest Nunnelly, Ben W. Beaird (teacher), Jack Colson. Second row from back: first two unidentified, Clay King, R. B. Uselton, Bernice Hicks, Dorothy D. Roberts, Myrtle Beaird, Lottie Scott, Nell Burton, Marie Hicks, Ozell Byrd, Velma Colson. Row three: J. B. Killian, Neal Braboy, Tom Wood, Aubry Duke, Otha Weaver, Olan Roberts, next three unidentified. Row four: Ray Williams, next two unidentified, Johnny Graham, Vera Scott, Beatrice Black, Edmund Crane, Viola Sullivan, Oleta Coker, Woody Wood, Clarence Black, W. C. Williams, Clifton Sullivan, Grover Graham, George Graham, J. J. Coker. Row five: Raymond Hicks, J. C. Hicks, Olen or J. D. Roverts, Jack Wood, Carline POllard, Austin Emmert, Basil Clubb, unidentified, Clarence Nunnelly, next three unidentified, J. C. Emmert. Bottom row: unidentified, Dorothy Black, Clovis Scott, Roger Clubb, unidentified, Billie Uselton, Pauline Emmert, James Craine, Douglas Coker.
Date: 1927/1928

[Grassbur School students]

Description: Photograph of a group of students from Grassbur School. They are posing outdoors in front of the wall of a building and a large American flag. Many of the children are squinting from the sunlight and not looking towards the camera. The teacher is identified as Hubert Carpenter.
Date: 1923

[Scene during Wellington coal shortage]

Description: Photograph of a scene during the coal shortage in Wellington. There are several horse-drawn wagons crowding a dirt road. A note accompanying the photograph states that coal was used in cast iron stoves for cooking and heating, and that during the shortage coal was brought to the County and each family was allowed to purchase two sacks. During the shortage, corn, cottonseed, and wood were burned as alternatives to coal.
Date: 1924

[School group in costumes]

Description: Photograph of a group of school children in costumes, for "Hobo Day" at Crossroads School, posing outdoors next to a brick wall. Many of the children are wearing over-sized clothes and hats, and holding brooms. One child in the front row is laying in a wheel-barrow.
Date: 1926

[Stevenson Grain and Elevator]

Description: Photograph of the Stevenson Grain and Elevator. There is a small building in the foreground in front of the Grain & Elevator Co. building. Handwriting on the back of the photograph states that the elevator was purchased from Kelling Milling Company of Wichita Falls in 1921.
Date: 1922

[Teacher and students in costume]

Description: Photograph of a teacher and two students dressed up in costumes. Writing on the back of the photograph states that the costumes were for "Hobo Day" at the Crossroads School. The teacher is identified as Mrs. Bill Roberts and the student of the left is identified as J. D. Phipps.
Date: 1927

[Telephone operators]

Description: Photograph of four women operating telephones. They are all wearing dresses and have short haircuts. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies their names as Pearl Boverie Hendrick, Ruth Boone Fleming, Tina Thompson Hendrix, and Berniece Brickey.
Date: 1925