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[Early homestead]

Description: Photograph of an early homestead family group. There are multiple people standing in a field full of cattle, mules, and dogs. A man is standing near a wagon on the left side of the photograph that has large logs on top of it. There is a windmill, a white carriage, and a small building in the background.
Date: unknown

[Family standing on porch]

Description: Photograph of an early family group standing on a porch. There are three young girls standing on the porch steps, and one young boy sitting on a horse on the right side of the photograph. A man and woman are standing in front of the children.
Date: unknown

[Fourth of July group]

Description: Photograph of a Fourth of July group. There are five young women and three young men; all are wearing white button-up shirts, except for one young man wearing a dark jacket, tie, and holding a fan and a cigar in his mouth. Some are wearing miniature American flags on their shirts.
Date: unknown

[Pioneer family]

Description: Photograph of an early pioneer family standing beneath a tree. There are three women in long white dresses and four men. They are behind a chicken wire fence, and there is a house behind them in the background.
Date: unknown