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[William Washington Maddox family]

Description: Photograph of the William Washington Maddox family standing in front of a small, wooden house. There are two men, one woman, and three small boys standing near a wire fence. The men are wearing suits and hats, and one has a long beard. The woman is wearing a long, black dress and the three boys are wearing suits and bow ties.
Date: 1900~
Item Type: Photograph

[Young man standing in bank]

Description: Postcard of a young man leaning against the counter inside the Wellington Bank. There are other customers in the background, and three bankers are standing behind the counter looking towards the camera. The man that is seated in the back room, in the interior business department, is identified as Franklin Turney Copey. Handwriting on the back of the postcard states that he worked at the bank from 1900-1910.
Date: 1900\1910
Item Type: Postcard

[Robert A. and Ella Jane Dysart home]

Description: Photograph of the Robert A. and Ella Jane Dysart home. There are people standing and sitting in the front yard, and are identified as Clyde, Dysart, Charley Dysart, Jennie Dysart, Gertrude Loter holding her son John, Carey Dysart, Hubert Dysart, and B. P. Bonnea. Notes on the back of the photograph provide additional information about the home.
Date: 1901
Item Type: Photograph

[Wellington School photograph]

Description: Photograph of a Wellington School group posing outdoors in front of a wooden building. There are five rows of students, ranging from small children to young adults. The small children are seated in the first two rows.
Date: 1903/1904
Item Type: Photograph

[Wellington Vocal Class]

Description: Photograph of the Wellington Vocal class. They are pictured outdoors near the side of a building, and are lined up in four rows. The caption identifies three of the individuals.
Date: 1904~
Item Type: Photograph

[Portrait of Beach family]

Description: Photograph of the Beach family in front of an exterior wall. There are four men, one woman, and one small child in the second row, and two men, three women, and three small children seated in the first row. The men are wearing suits and the women are wearing long skirts.
Date: 1905
Item Type: Photograph

[George Kelley Telephone Office]

Description: Photograph of the George Kelley Telephone Office. There is a man and a woman seated at a small table. The woman is wearing headphones and sitting in front of the telephone operations, and the man is writing on the table. The name of the telephone operator was Willie Payne.
Date: 1907/1910
Item Type: Photograph

[Cotton yard in Wellington]

Description: Photograph of a cotton yard in Wellington. A small, fenced area is pictured with a large number of wrapped cotton bales inside. There are men in the center of the photograph that are standing on the bales. There is a building on the left side of the photograph with horses standing near its exterior.
Date: 1908
Item Type: Photograph

[Missionary Society]

Description: Photograph of a group of women from the Missionary Society of the First Baptist Church in Wellington, Texas. They are seated indoors and are posing in three rows. All of the women have their hair pulled back and are looking towards the camera, except for two in the center of the photograph that are looking at a book. Handwritten numbers on each individual identify the names of the women on the back of the photograph.
Date: 1908
Item Type: Photograph

[Wellington Livery, Feed and Sale Stable]

Description: Postcard of the Wellington Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. It is a large wooden barn, and there is a group of people and horses standing in front of it. There is a small boy standing near the left side of the photograph.
Date: September 18, 1908
Item Type: Postcard

[Home of J. M. Foraker]

Description: Photograph of a group of people standing outdoors in front of two small barns. Two women are seated in a carriage drawn by one horse. A small boy is standing near the front of the photograph with a sign that has the date written on it. The caption states that the photograph depicts the home of J. M. Foraker.
Date: September 25, 1908
Item Type: Photograph

[Group of men in new car]

Description: Postcard of five men seated in a new car. They are all wearing light shirts, dark pants, and hats. One man has his hand on the steering wheel and is looking off to the side. There are trees and fences in the background. Handwriting on the back of the postcard identifies the names of each individual.
Date: 1909
Item Type: Photograph

[Group outdoors in snow]

Description: Photograph of four girls outdoors in the snow. Notes on the back of the photograph identify them as Nettie West, Ethel Kelley, Sallie Kelley, and Emma Hite. They are sitting on top of wagon wheel bottoms and looking towards the camera. There is a small store on the left side of the photograph and houses in the far distance.
Date: April 1, 1909
Item Type: Photograph

[Buggy and two horses in parade]

Description: Photograph of a buggy and two horses during a 4th of July Parade. The individuals in the buggy are identified as Mr. and Mrs. Joiner, owners of the Livery Stable. Two girls on the left side of the photograph are seated on the other horses and dressed as Native Americans. The horses have banners across their backs that cover the tops of their heads. The Presbyterian Tabernacle can be seen in the background above the neck of the horse that is second from the left.
Date: July 4, 1909
Item Type: Photograph