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[City Drug Store]

Description: Photograph of the City Drug Store and the South side of the square in Wellington, Texas. There are three men and one small boy standing in front of the drug store. The building on the left side of the photograph is a lunchroom.
Date: 1913

[Family group posing indoors]

Description: Photograph of a family group posing indoors. An elderly woman is seated in a chair with one girl and two boys behind her. The individuals are identified by handwriting on the back of the photograph as Lenore Sherwood, Mrs. Ermie Sherwood, Hugh Sherwood, and Mrs. Mary E. Hannah.
Date: 1913

[Trout and Talley reunion]

Description: Postcard of the Trout and Talley reunion. The photograph is taken outdoors, in front of the door of Charlie Trout's house in Dodsonville, Texas. Handwriting on the back of the postcard identifies the individuals in the third row as Effie (Tyler) Trout, Charlie Trout, Bill Hays, and Clarence Talley holding Oliver Trout; in the second row is Jim and Otho Talley, Susie, Margie, and Vergie Trout, and Annie Talley; and in the first row is Bessie Talley, Gerald Trout, and Olen Trout.
Date: 1914

[Group in front of small house]

Description: Photograph of three women standing in front of a small, portable house. One woman is looking towards the camera and holding a suitcase, and the other two are looking towards the ground. Handwriting on the back of the photograph describes the scene and states that it is from the Gaye Eeds Glenn collection.
Date: 1915

[Large group posing outdoors]

Description: Photograph of a large group of adults and children at a quilting at the house of Mrs. S. C. Somerville. There are multiple rows of people standing and sitting between two trees in front of the house. Notes on the back of the photograph identify the individuals as Mrs. Lackey, Betty Cocke, Mamie Swafford, Mrs. T. T. Fain, Mrs. Nunn, Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Foster Brown, Mrs. L. T. Alexander, J. L. Alexander, Emma Richards, Mamie Anderson, Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Walter Dobbs, Maude Singley, Mrs. Sam Prichard, Mrs. John Anderson, Mary Somerville, Mary Stall, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Winnie Fain, Mrs. Swafford, Mrs. Jake Owens, Mrs. J. Longings, Mrs. Myers, Edith Longings, Walter Somerville, Otis Somerville, Lois Sherwood, Mrs. S. C. Somerville, Clint Richards, Lee Smith, and Linnie Richards.
Date: 1915

[Flour mill]

Description: Photograph of the exterior of a flour mill. It is identified as the Home Queen and Pride of Wellington flour, opened in 1916. Handwriting on the back of the photograph describes the history of the mill.
Date: 1916

[Singley Brothers Mill]

Description: Photograph of the Singley Brothers Mill and Elevator. The mill has a brick exterior and there are three men standing in front it, facing towards the camera. There is a smaller, wooden building near the bottom-left side of the photograph.
Date: 1916

[Small group next to an early car]

Description: Postcard of three people next to an early seven-passenger Studebaker. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies the individuals as Bob Glenn, Gay Eads, and Eula Williams. The man and one of the women are seated on the side of the car, and the other woman is standing up facing them. A shadow from the photographer is cast on the front of the car.
Date: 1916~

[Children in front of car on bridge]

Description: Photograph of two small children standing at the front of a car on a wooden bridge. They are leaning together and looking towards the camera. There is another person sitting in the car behind the wheel. Notes on the back of the photograph describe the location of the scene and state that Rube Sherwood is the mother of the children pictured.
Date: 1917

[Wellington State Bank]

Description: Photograph of five women standing outside of Wellington State Bank. They are all wearing long coats, skirts, and hats. The woman on the far right side of the photograph is wearing a large fur shawl, muff, and hat. All are smiling towards the camera except for the woman in the center of the photograph.
Date: 1917

[Young boys in uniforms]

Description: Postcard of two young boys in scout uniforms and hats, identified as Clem and Pete Boverie. They are standing side by side and looking towards the camera. There are notes on the back of the postcard that describe the image.
Date: 1917

[Cotton gin in Wellington]

Description: Photograph of a cotton yard at the Wellington Cotton Gin. There are numerous bales of cotton in a field, and five men are pictured standing and sitting on top of them. The men are all wearing hats and facing towards the camera, and one man on the far right side of the photograph is smiling and pointing. There are houses in the distant background. An accompanying note states that Lonzo Cartwright was the cotton gin manager.
Date: 1919~