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[Family group next to car]

Description: Photograph of a family group standing next to a car. Notes on the back of the photograph state that the image was taken on the corner of 14th and El Paso Streets. The people are identified as Lou Goodnight, Hayden Goodnight, Mrs. Mayme Goodnight, and Pearl Goodnight.
Date: 1922

[West side of square]

Description: Postcard of the West side of the square in Wellington, Texas. There are multiple stores along a dirt road. There is a horse-drawn wagon in front of the grocery store on the left side of the photograph.
Date: June 26, 1922

[Stevenson Grain and Elevator]

Description: Photograph of the Stevenson Grain and Elevator. There is a small building in the foreground in front of the Grain & Elevator Co. building. Handwriting on the back of the photograph states that the elevator was purchased from Kelling Milling Company of Wichita Falls in 1921.
Date: 1922