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[Fleet and Etha Pruden standing in front of truck]

Description: Photograph of a couple identified as Fleet and Etha Pruden. They are standing in front of a dark-colored truck that reads "Pioneers of the Frontier" across the side. The woman is wearing a long skirt, a jacket over a button-up shirt, and a hat. The man is wearing a pinstripe suit and tie and a hat. Part of a windmill and the roof of a building are visible behind the truck. Handwriting on the back of the photograph reveals its date and the couple's names.
Date: October 14, 1928

[Fifth grade class photograph]

Description: Photograph of a fifth grade class from East Ward Elementary. There are three rows of children standing up, and one row of boys sitting in front. The teacher standing on the right side of the photograph is identified as Faye Farrah. The second person in the first row is identified as Tippton Miller, in the second row the eighth person is Anna Lee Graham, the ninth person is Leona Neese, and the tenth person is Kathleen Leggitt. In the third row the fourth person is Genevieve Strickland and the fifth person is Virginia Lee Fortenberry. In the fourth row the fourth person is Teed Hill and the fifth person is Harmon Elliott.
Date: 1928/1929