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[Texas Wholesale Company gasoline tank]

Description: Postcard of a large gasoline tank from the Texas Wholesale Company. It has been hauled off of a train and is resting on the ground. There is a group of men and children standing in front of the tank, behind railroad tracks. A man on the left side of the photograph is holding the reins of two horses. Small houses can be seen in the background.
Date: 1910

[Trout and Talley reunion]

Description: Postcard of the Trout and Talley reunion. The photograph is taken outdoors, in front of the door of Charlie Trout's house in Dodsonville, Texas. Handwriting on the back of the postcard identifies the individuals in the third row as Effie (Tyler) Trout, Charlie Trout, Bill Hays, and Clarence Talley holding Oliver Trout; in the second row is Jim and Otho Talley, Susie, Margie, and Vergie Trout, and Annie Talley; and in the first row is Bessie Talley, Gerald Trout, and Olen Trout.
Date: 1914

[Man and woman holding engagement ring]

Description: Photograph of a couple seated in ornate wicker chairs, identified as Mr. and Mrs. R. Isle Leslie. The woman is looking at an engagement ring, and the man is holding the box it came from. An accompanying caption states that R. Isle Leslie came to Collingsworth County in 1894, and that the family still owns farm land in the South part of the County. His father was A. T. Leslie who came to the North edge of Childress County in 1896, and the brother James A. Leslie came to South Collingsworth County in 1897 from Fannin County. Mr. and Mrs. R. Isle Leslie were married on January 25, 1903.
Date: unknown

[Large group in yard]

Description: Photograph of a large group outdoors in a yard. There are multiple men and women standing behind a fence, and two small children standing on top of it. The group is faced towards the right side of the photograph. The picture was made after the Mill Iron Ranch moved and was used as a residence. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies the building as the "Hotel" at Aberdeen, and the people from right to left as Dave Templeton, Addie Templeton, Bob Baxter, Mrs. Bob Baxter, Chummie Smith, Georgia Capteron, Willie Capterton, Nevin Willard, Lyn Greer, Zach Lowry, George Hurt, and George Parson.
Date: unknown

[Pioneer family]

Description: Photograph of an early pioneer family standing beneath a tree. There are three women in long white dresses and four men. They are behind a chicken wire fence, and there is a house behind them in the background.
Date: unknown

[Robert A. and Ella Jane Dysart home]

Description: Photograph of the Robert A. and Ella Jane Dysart home. There are people standing and sitting in the front yard, and are identified as Clyde, Dysart, Charley Dysart, Jennie Dysart, Gertrude Loter holding her son John, Carey Dysart, Hubert Dysart, and B. P. Bonnea. Notes on the back of the photograph provide additional information about the home.
Date: 1901

[Portrait of couple]

Description: Photograph of a couple identified as Will O. Richards and his wife, Emma Cocke Richards. The image is an oval shape on a rectangular mat. The man is wearing a black suit and a tie, and the woman is wearing a white top, and they are posing in front of a backdrop with a tree on it.
Date: 1896

[Young boys in uniforms]

Description: Postcard of two young boys in scout uniforms and hats, identified as Clem and Pete Boverie. They are standing side by side and looking towards the camera. There are notes on the back of the postcard that describe the image.
Date: 1917

[Family group posing indoors]

Description: Photograph of a family group posing indoors. An elderly woman is seated in a chair with one girl and two boys behind her. The individuals are identified by handwriting on the back of the photograph as Lenore Sherwood, Mrs. Ermie Sherwood, Hugh Sherwood, and Mrs. Mary E. Hannah.
Date: 1913

[Women posing with rifles]

Description: Postcard of a group of women outdoors posing with rifles, from the Gaye Eeds Glenn collection. They are wearing long white dresses and standing in front of shrubs. The woman on the left side of the photograph is drinking out of a large jug.
Date: 1912/1915

[Portrait of woman and children]

Description: Photograph of a woman and three small children. The woman is wearing a hat, dress, and black gloves, and is standing behind the children. The youngest child is a baby and is seated on a chair with a blanket over it. The other two children are wearing hats and elegant dresses and standing beside the baby.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of three children]

Description: Postcard of three small children from an early pioneer family. They are identified by a note on the back of the postcard as Jewell, James Richard, and Curtis Joel Holden. They are all wearing light-colored outfits and smiling at the camera.
Date: unknown

[Group in front of small house]

Description: Photograph of three women standing in front of a small, portable house. One woman is looking towards the camera and holding a suitcase, and the other two are looking towards the ground. Handwriting on the back of the photograph describes the scene and states that it is from the Gaye Eeds Glenn collection.
Date: 1915