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[Collingsworth County Fair Exhibit]

Description: Photograph of the Collingsworth County Fair Exhibit. It is located indoors, and there are tables with various types of produce on them. The man holding a large gourd and standing in the center of the photograph is identified as Morris Higdon, the Chamber of Commerce Manager.
Date: unknown

[Collingsworth County Jail]

Description: Postcard of the Collingsworth County Jail, located at Belton and 9th Streets in Wellington, Texas. It is a two-story brick building with a covered front porch. There are a few small houses in the distant background, and no other buildings nearby.
Date: unknown

Collingsworth County, Texas History, Volume 2

Description: This volume about Collingsworth County, Texas describes various aspects of the county's history, including: early county history, current county [history], churches, schools, organizations, early business, current business, agriculture, military, families, and dedications and memorials. Index starts on page 291.
Date: 2009
Creator: Collingsworth County Book Committee

[Collingsworth Motor Company]

Description: Photograph of the Ford Dealership at the Collingsworth Motor Company. There are five cars parked inside of a large garage. Two men in suits and hats are standing near a door at the end of the garage. The operator of the dealership is identified as Kelly Pigg.
Date: 1947/1948

[Cotton gin in Wellington]

Description: Photograph of a cotton yard at the Wellington Cotton Gin. There are numerous bales of cotton in a field, and five men are pictured standing and sitting on top of them. The men are all wearing hats and facing towards the camera, and one man on the far right side of the photograph is smiling and pointing. There are houses in the distant background. An accompanying note states that Lonzo Cartwright was the cotton gin manager.
Date: 1919~

[Cotton yard in Wellington]

Description: Photograph of a cotton yard in Wellington. A small, fenced area is pictured with a large number of wrapped cotton bales inside. There are men in the center of the photograph that are standing on the bales. There is a building on the left side of the photograph with horses standing near its exterior.
Date: 1908

[Cottonwood School Basketball]

Description: Photograph of a basketball championship team from Cottonwood School. There are four young men in the front row with a champions banner, and two young men and one man in a suit in the second row. Handwriting on the back of the photograph identifies the names of the individuals.
Date: 1924

[Crossroads School]

Description: Photograph of a small schoolhouse identified as the Crossroads School. It is made out of brick and has two entrances and five large windows. There is an old car parked near the building on the right side of the photograph.
Date: unknown

[Crowd in Wellington]

Description: Postcard of a large crowd in Wellington, Texas. Handwriting on the back of the postcard states that the crowd was at the Katy Depot during World War I. There are many people standing near a dirt road facing a building, and the caption at the bottom of the photograph reads "Going to get the Kaiser."
Date: unknown

[Curtner Drug Store]

Description: Photograph of the inside of the Curtner Drug Store. Two people are looking at products in a glass display in the center of the store. Three other men are standing behind the counters in the background. Handwriting on the back of the photograph states that the man on the left with the dark cup is Ruel Curtner, and the man on the right with the dark hat is "Papa" Curtner.
Date: 1910/1915

[Dodson School]

Description: Photograph of a group of students from the Dodson School. They are pictured outside near the wall of a building, and are lined up in four rows. An accompanying note identifies the students; in the back row is O. D. Thorn, Carrol Jones, Buddy Wynn, Merlin Carter, Ralph Brannum, Clarence Talley, Fred Scott, Teacher Vaughn, Leona Rodgers (white bonnet), Cap Berry (behind Leona), Floy Wynn (left side of Cap), Alf Wynn, Belle Hunt, and Otis Royal. In the second row is Jewel Nipper, Blanch Futch, Ruth Royal, Sue Rodgers, Vrigie Trout, Margie Trout, Susie Trout, and Ruth Gardner. in the third row Alonzo McDowell, Ralph Cherry, and Ruby Roedocker. In the fourth row is Goldwyn Millner, Bryan Ellis, Carl Weaver, Jack Deahl, Arlin Baker, Elliot Wynn, Forrest Jones, and Jack Broyles.
Date: 1912

[Dodsonville School students]

Description: Postcard of students from Dodsonville School. They are standing outdoors in front of a building. Each person has a number near them that an accompanying note identifies them with. The numbers identified are 1. E. T. Vaughan - Teacher, 2. Lois Morgan, 3. Alma Ellis, 4. Josie Scott, 5. Ruth Royal, 6. Fred Scott, 7. Otis Royal, 8. Bailey Bland, 9. Carol Jones, 11. Rosalee Carter, 12. Sue Rogers, 13. Leona Rodgers, 14. Jewell Ranum, 15. Lena McKinney, 16. Buster Davis, 17. Johnny Gambel, 19. William Day Driscoll, 20. Bell Hunt, 23. FLoyd Branum, 25. Coy McDuff.
Date: unknown

[Dog on veterinary table]

Description: Photograph of a dog on a veterinary table. There are three men surrounding the table; one is holding the dog by a chain, one is putting something on the dog's neck, and the other is standing behind the table watching. The veterinarian is identified as Dr. Mark Fires, DVM. There are shelves in the background with various bottles of medicine.
Date: unknown

[Dominican Sisters]

Description: Photograph of a group of Dominican Sisters with four men in suits. They are pictured indoors, and the Sisters are wearing black and white gowns. The men are identified from left to right as L. B. Bratten, Dr. E. W. Jones, Dr. Charlie Jones, and R. F. Curry.
Date: unknown

[Dominican Sisters with doctors]

Description: Photograph of a group of Dominican Sisters with doctors. They are pictured indoors in a small room, and the doctors are seated at a table. The doctors are identified from left to right as Dr. J. W. Orr, Dental; Dr. Carter Holcomb, Medical; Dr. Dale Watkins, Medical; and Dr. Charlie Jones, Medical. A note on the back of the photograph states, "When received 2nd grant."
Date: unknown