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[Women walking down sidewalk]

Description: Postcard of two women walking down a sidewalk. The woman on the left is wearing a black skirt, a coat, a hat, and heels. The woman on the right is wearing a fur coat, black skirt, and heels. They are both smiling at the camera. Handwriting on the back of the postcard identifies their names as Josie Fuson and Opal Estes.
Date: unknown

[Young boys in uniforms]

Description: Postcard of two young boys in scout uniforms and hats, identified as Clem and Pete Boverie. They are standing side by side and looking towards the camera. There are notes on the back of the postcard that describe the image.
Date: 1917

[Young man standing in bank]

Description: Postcard of a young man leaning against the counter inside the Wellington Bank. There are other customers in the background, and three bankers are standing behind the counter looking towards the camera. The man that is seated in the back room, in the interior business department, is identified as Franklin Turney Copey. Handwriting on the back of the postcard states that he worked at the bank from 1900-1910.
Date: 1900\1910